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High Rise Firefighting:1.00-5.00

1.01 HFD personnel to successful conclusion at high rise firefighting incidents, with a priority for FF and civilian safety. Purpose
2.01 Objective define responsibilities of personnel in response to and working at high-rise incidents
2.02 Enable IC to establish and maintain control and coordination throughout high-rise incident
3.01 Duty of recording all members entering and exiting the building and their locations while inside building. Access Control - this includes distribution of surveys,FF phones, splitting key sets to appropriate memebers going up.
3.02 Oraganizational level having function/geographic responsibility for major aspects of incident operations. Branch - branch level orgainized situated by sections,divisions, or group in the operations section.
3.03 Organized group of FF under the leadership of one offier. Crew
3.04 An area where crews are assigned in a high-rise fire that serves as a holding area for available crews awaiting assignment. Crew staging- this is usualy 2 floors below the fire.
3.05 Functional Unit the Planning Section. Responsible for assuring orderly, safe,efficient demobilization of resources committed to the incident. Demobilization Unit
3.06 The partition of an incident into geographical areas of operation. Divisions - are established when the no. of resources exceeds the managable span of control.
3.07 A functional group meet the needs of civilians casualties. EMS Group - EMS supervisor will determine the location and manage the triage, treatment and transport.
3.08 A connection through which teh FD can pump water into the sprinkler/standpipe system. (FDC)Fire Dept. Connection
3.09 Intially, a high rise group composed of First Ladder, second and third engines with Ladder officer in charge that will proceed to fire floor to investigate and take inital action. Fire Attack Group
3.10 Division responsible for all operational issues on a designated floor of high rise. Fire Floor Division - Usually a Chief Officer is assigned to manage division.
3.11 Mode that recalls elevator to designated recall point. Fire Service Mode 1 - doors open and may stay open and makes elevator available for FD use.
3.12 Mode that allows for the in-car operation of an elevator taht requires a key in car to permit control of that elevator Fire Service Mode 2
3.13 divide the incident mgmt.structure into functional areas of operations. Group -are composed of resources assmebled to perform special function, not nescessary within geographical area.
3.14 A formal staging where companies report, designate by Command. Level II staging
3.15 Responsible for all lobby control functions:alarm panel,access control, accountibility,elevator controls, assimulate and pass on high rise survey into to oncoming crews and command. Lobby Control Unit - Initally in high-rise thsi will be First Arriving Engine.
3.16 Branch responsible for all scene medical care. Includes EMS Group (for Civilians) and Rehab Group (for FF) Medical Branch - HFD EMS DC will be in charge of this branch.
3.17 Valves and standpipe system that are designated to reduce outlet pressures that allow for reduced nozzle pressures. (PVR) Pressure Regulating Valve
3.18 Crews from 2nd/3rd Ladder companies who ensure that stairwells are cleared of all building occupants;all stairwell doors are unlocked and closed. The roof hatch is unlocked but closed (to enable the pressurization of stairwell) (RAT) Rapid Ascent Team -RAT will inform IC which stairwell has roof access for ventilation.
3.19 A functional group est. to meet the needs of FF Rehab. Rehab Group -Sr.Sup. will determine location on tenable floor near hazard floor and manage this group. Rehab Truck,BLS,ALS. Not be on same floor as Crew Staging.
3.20 A functional group est. meet the operational needs of serching and preforming rescues. Rescue Group -This group is assigned responsibility of resuce for the entire incident.
3.21 A functional group est. to supply the incident with equip. and tools, air recharging, and extra bottles at or near Crew Staging area. Resource Group -The Resource Group Officer will report to Lobby Control.
3.22 A functional Group est. to meet the needs of FF Rescue. RIT Group -this team will consits of oringial RIT,Tech. Rescue,and addditional fire co. under the supervision of RIT Officer designated by IC.
3.23 Team of three, preferably 4 est. at every incident in which FF will enter hazared area. These teams will rescue trapped, lost or endangered FF. (RIT) Rapid Intervention Team
3.24 A naturally occuring event in which cool air enters the lower levels of a building and warm air within the building rises to upper levels. Stack Effect/Chimmney Effect -Negative stack effect is the reverse and is prominent in Houston.
3.25 Members responsible fro using stairwell to transport tools and equip. possibly 4in. from lobby to resource group. Stairwell Support Force -stairwell support Officer will communicate and coordinate with Lobby Control
3.26 Usually est. at large-scale, long-term high rise incidents by lobby control unit to maintain a managable span of control. System Control Unit -unit evaluates and manages all systems in high-rise:fire suppression,fire alarm,public address,water supply pumps, elevator,HVAC, electrical and security sys.This unit will report to IC. until logistical branch est.
3.27 A comprehensive supplemental building info plan that some building owners/managers have contracted to be developed for their buildings. Third-Party Pre-Fire Plan
4.01 Scope: Guideline applies to all... HFD Personnel
5.01 All responsibilities will be defined and noted within.. context of this guideline.
5.02 Variables in high-rise incidents are numerous. High-Rise Fires are the most challenging incidents that FD respond to. It's difficult to est. a SOP to fit all situations. This guideline... will assist in controlling a high-riseincident and is NOT INTENDED TO LIMIT THE IC FROM DEVIATING FROM THIE GUIDELINE in order to achieve the desired outcome.
Created by: MrsAbbt
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