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History Gr 6 Unit 7

anarchy the absence of a system of government and law
animism the belief that all things have a spirit living in them
annex to join or add a smaller thing to a larger thing
assassinate to murder, especially a well-known person, by a sudden attack or from ambush
bauxite a mineral from which aluminum is obtained
cassava a type of tropical plant with a starchy root; some types can be eaten like potatoes, others are made into tapioca
civilian a person who is not a member of any of the armed forces
climate the kind of weather a place has
cocoa a powder made by roasting, grinding, and removing some of the fat from the seeds of the cacao tree; used in making chocolate
corrupt influenced by bribes; dishonest
coup a sudden change in government using force or illegal means
culture the customs, arts, and tools of a nation or people at a certain time; their way of life
desolate not lived in; deserted
dictator a person who rules using complete authority
drought a long period of dry weather; continued lack of rain
economy the way a country manages its resources
eon a very long period of time; many thousands of years
export to send goods out of one country for sale and use in another
famine lack of food in a place; a time of starving
fertile able to produce much; producing crops easily
guerrilla a member of a band of fighters who attack the enemy by sudden raids, ambushes, or the like; not part of a regular army
ivory a hard, white substance making up the tusks of elephants or walruses
massacre a savage killing of many people or animals
millet the very small grain of a kind of cereal grass, grown for food or hay
nationalize to change from private to government ownership or control
navigable able to be traveled on by ships
nomad a member of a tribe who moves from place to place to have food or pasture for his cattle
phosphate a chemical found in certain rocks; used to make fertilizer
plateau a plain in the mountains or high above sea level; large, high plain
poach to trespass on another's land, especially to hunt or fish; illegal hunting
protectorate a more powerful nation takes over protection and some control of a weaker nation
refugee a person who flees to another country for safety from war or from persecution
savanna a grassy plain with few or no trees, especially one near the tropics
sisal a fleshly plant whose leaves are used to make rope
sparse thinly scattered; occurring here and there
temperate not very hot, and not very cold
terrorism the use of fear and violence to accomplish something
tourist a person traveling for pleasure
tribalism loyalty to one's tribe that is more important than loyalty to a nation
tropical of or like the regions near the equator
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