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Nomads of Eurasia

Who had arranged marriages?? Udegei?
What culture revered the tiger? Udegei.
Whose shaman went around camp in a boat collecting members of the tribe, sacrificed a pig, and danced? Udegei.
Language of the Ainu?? Isolate.
Who lived on the Sakhalin Island?? Oroch.
Who believed that the dead are taken to the afterworld by a reindeer-drawn sled? Oroch,
Who are closely related to the Nanai?? Ulchi.
Who lives in the Amur Basin?? Ulchi.
Who buried twins/moms of twin in a special burial?? Ulchi.
Nine Uralic Family members.... Finnic, Hungarian, Khanty, Mansi, Mari, Mordvin, Permic, Sammi, and Samoyedic..
Who was Pavlutsy?? Russian commander killed by the chuckchi..
Who was Stepan Krasheninnikov?? Russian explorer and naturalist who visited Kamchatka and lived among the Itelmen.
Who lived in Southern Volcanic half or Kamchatka peninsula?? Itelmen.
Who fished along the upper Amur river?? Ulcha, Oroch, Negidal.
Who is yermak?? Saint of the Russian Orthodox Church and conqueror of Siberia
Who are the reindeer breeders of Sakhalin?? Orok.
Who are the sedentary people?? Yukagir, Anaquallyt, Coastal Koryak, itelmen, nivkh, Ainu, yupik, eskimo, aleut, tinglit.
Who is sedentary with transumance?? Yukut, tatars, bashirs.
What group was originally divided into 9 groups?? Korak.
Who was closely related to Chuckchi?? Korak.
What group will have 20 yr olds marry 6 year olds? Negidal
Who would lived in tents with heated benches and what were those benches called? Negidal and khangun
Who is closely related to Ewenki? Negidal
Were the Siberian Yupik pat/mat/endo/exo? Pat/Exo
Who hunted walruses and in boats called...? Siberian Yupik, boats called angyapicf and kayaks
Today the Yupik area is divided into three small areas called...? Navkan, Chapline, Sireniki
East Slavs? Russian, Ukrain, Belourussian- Rub
Fisher along upper amur river? Nanai
Semi-Sederntary due to reliance on fishing? Tungus-Manchu people of the Amur Region. Nanai, Negidal, Oroch, Ulchi, and Udegi
Name of the Russian territory on the pacific coastal gom the Amur Delta South to the Korean border. Also called Russian Far East? Maritime Province
Ancient Uralic People are from? Forest steppe zone near the Ural Mt
Reindeer Hunters of the Northeastern Siberia Yukagir
Main Uralic People from Europe? Finns, Estonians, Karelians, Komi, Mari, Mordovin, and Udmurt. -- Fukmek
Yukagir Language? Paleosiberian Isolate
Lang Isolates? Nickh, Ainu, Korean, Japan-- Jank
Manchu Language? Udegei
Uralic Language in Europe? Finnish, Saami, Karelian, Estonia, Mordvin, Mari, Udmurt, Komi. Fukmeskm
Chuckchi Language? Paleosiberian
Korak Language?? Paleosiberian.
Yakagir Language?? Paleosiberian.
Itlemen Language?? Paleosiberian.
Nivkh Langage? Paleosiberian Isolate
Yakut Language? Turkic
Period when the mongol speaking avars went westword and dominated by slavs? Ancient Slavic Period
When was the formation of E. Slavic tribes who later became Russian/Ukrainians? Kievan Period
When were Russians known as Rus? Kievan Period
When did agricultural Russians fight nomadic steppe tribes? Kievan Period
When did cossack yermak begin the conquest of N. Asia Muscovite period
When did Russia remain the only European power to retain political control of its colony? Soviet Period
When did increasing poverty and disintegration of Siberian Natives happen? Imperial period
The 6 republics in middle Volga Region.... Mordvin, Mari, Udmurt, turkic tatar, bashkir and chuvash- C BUMM TT
Orok Language? Tungusic Language
Nanai Language? Tungusic Language
Ulchi Language? Tungusic Language
Negidal Lanuage? Tungusic Language
What did Poyarkov do? Led expeditions exploring the amur river
Baltic Republics? Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia- LEL
Fishermen w/ dogs? Itelmen, Nivkh, Ainu
Today's 3 turkic groups in the middle volga region? Tatar, Bashkir, Chuvas
West Slavs? Poles, Czechs, Slovaks
the 3 Transcaucasian republics? Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Korkak- reindeer or sea? Both
Who lived in the Sakhan Republic? Yukagir
the odul and Wadul belong to what group? Yukagir
Yermak expedition destroyed the Khanate of Sibir is part of what? Stages in the Russian Assimilation of North Asia
Independent Cossack penetrate deep into Siberia look for furs is part of what? Stages in the Russian Assimilation of North Asia
The Moscow tsar takes control of the fur trade, appointing voyavodas to collect yasak, this was part of what? Stages in the Russian Assimilation of North Asia
The scientific exploration and colonization of N. Asia begins under Peter the Great was part of what? Stages in the Russian Assimilation of North Asia
Sedentary hunter/fishers? Ainu and Nivkh
Who fled Manchu genocide and what did they become? Jungars, Kalmyks
Sea mammal hunters with dogs? Yupik, Eskimo, Aleut
Nivkh and Ainu were ---- and from---- hunter-gatherers of the N. pacific rim.
Manchu reindeer breeders in the Sikhote-Alin Mts? Udihe
Who lives at the amur river and parts of the sakhalin island? Nivkh
Who preserved fish called yukola and had the favorite dish of talkk? Nivkh
The Jungars were also called --- and --- and were annihilated by --- Oirats/ Western Mongols, and annihilated by manchus
Middle Volga region's 3 Uralic People? Mari, Morova, Udmurt- MUM
Who is the largest Tungunistic speaking people of Russian far east? Nanai
The Nanai live by...? Amur River Valley
Who has a separate ethnic group halled Hezhen? Nanai
Fire-Fadzya mama- personified objects Nanai
Sky burial for kids who dies under 1 year? Nanai
Who is the largest group of the Northeastern Paleoasiatics? Chuckchi
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