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honors 23 barnette

The Great Depression for Honors

Social Security Act established to provide some security for unemployed workers (also provided money for the retired)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC- covered people's savings in banks against loss. Your money is insured up to a certain amount. Prior to the Great Depression, this did not exist.
Public Works Administration PWA- awarded contracts to construction companies to build highways, dams, schools, and other facilities. (Think PUBLIC buildings
Glass-Steagall Act Prevented commercial banks from speculating on the stock market. It separated commercial from investment banks.
Works Progress Administration WPA- largest new deal agency. provided work for millions of unemployed people. sponsored the controversial Federal Number One Program.
Civilian Conservation Corps CCC- offered unemployed young men work planting trees, fighting forest fires and building reservoirs
Wagner Act Set up a process whereby dissatisfied union members could take their complaints to binding arbitration (settlement)
National Recovery Administration urged consumers to buy goods ONLY from compmanies that displayed its blue eagle symbol (were part of the NIRA)
National INdustrial Recovery Act Promoted codes of fair competition
Huey Long proposed a "Share the wealth program" Louisiana senator who championed the downtrodden and build a powerful and corrupt political machine. He was a critic of FDR. He was assassinated.
John L. Lewis Leader of the United Mine Workers
Bank Run Where a lot of people go to the bank to make withdrawals. It causes panic.
Bank holidays When the banks are closed to prevent "bank runs"
Securities and Exchange Commission SEC- regulates the stock market
What was the first thing Roosevelt did in office? he closed all of the banks! BANK HOLIDAY. Then, he only reopened the ones he found to be healthy and sound and issued those banks licenses.
"Court-packing plan" FDR tried to increase the number of supreme court justices so that his bills would not be overturned. It angered and upset the public because it appeared to give the President too much power and interfere with the Constitutional Separation of Powers
Why was FDR popular as governor of NYC? He helped people economically.
New Nationalism? FDR's plan of government working WITH business
Schechter v. United States Supreme Court Case that struck down the NIRA as unconstitutional
Agriculture Adjustment Act helped farmers by paying them NOT to grow crows (supply and demand...it made the price go UP).
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