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SS Communities Book

SS Grade 3 Communities pages 96-107 and 144-159

Capital a place where the government of a state or country is located.
Capitol The building in Washington DC where Congress meets to make laws.
The Constitution A document that explains the plan of the US government and all the laws in the US.
tax money that is paid to support the government
The Bill of Rights the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. They protect people's personal rights like freedom of speech and freedom of religion and the right to bear arms!
elect to choose by voting
What year was the Declaration of Independence signed? July 4, 1776
The (capitol/ capital) of NY is in Albany. Capital
The Senate and the House of Representatives meet in the (Capitol/Capital) Capitol
What is the Declaration of Independence? A document written to explain why the colonies decided to break away from England.
community a place where people live work and and have fun together. It usually includes a several different neighborhoods
colonists someone who lives in a colony
colony a place that is ruled by another distant country
coastal plain flat land (plains) that borders water(the coast)
Jamestown- How and Why was it formed? A group of people (Puritans)left England for relious freedom and to get rich by starting a new life.
John Smith Leader in Virginia who helped Jamestown to survive during hard times by
John Rolfe Leader of Jamestown who grew a type of tobacco that could be sold for a lot of money
Pocahontas daughter of Indian Chief Powhatan who helped Jamestown survive. She married John Rolfe
geography the study of the earth's surface and the bodies of water that cover it
Ben Franklin American colonial leader, scientist, inventor,printer, writer and all around good guy!
What is the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? D of I written to explain why they wanted to make their own government and the Constitution is the plan that explains their own new government
Name the 3 Branches of the US government. extra What does each do? Legislative-makes laws Judicial- courts and judges decide if the laws follow the Constitution Executive- The President- is in charge of the military
Why do we say the pledge of Alligiance? to promise to be loyal to the US
What do the stars on the flag stand for? the fifty states
What do the stipes on the flag stand for? How many are there? the thirteen original colonies. 13
What was one main problem the thirteen colonists faced? fighting with the Indians, Paying British taxes, ????
What happened in Philadelphia? The Declaration of Independence was written and signed, Ben Franklin lived there, it was the biggest, busiest colonial city
Why did people want George Washington to lead their country? because during the American Revolution he was a great leader, he showed courage,
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