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West Expansion

West Expansion stack Tom

Indian Removal Act passed by Jackson & Congress; forced tribes west of the Mississippi River; Supreme Court against it
Trail of Tears name of path taken by Cherokees and other tribes when forced to relocate west of the Mississippi River
Rendezvous month-long meeting of Mountain Men where they ate, drank, traded furs, and told stories
Conestogas covered wagons used by pioneers to cross the Appalachian mountains
prairie schooners covered wagons used by pioneers to cross the more rugged mountains past the Mississippi River
Gold Rush people hurried to California in 1849 because of this; mostly storekeepers and merchants got rich
Jedidiah Smith mountain man who carried a Bible and used clean language and good habits; helped make a trail to the South Pass
Free Soil Party against slavery in the west
President Tyler took over presidency after president died following a one month term in office
President Harrison died after one month in office
Manifest Destiny means America will expand westward from "sea to shining sea"
President Polk president who added California and Oregon to the U.S.
mountain men rough people who hunted furs, met at the Rendezvous, often had been lawbreakers in the east, often dressed like Indians, many had bad habits (drinking, smoking, cursing)
Reasons to go west gold & money; cheap,fertile land; religious freedom; adventure & freedom from law; and tougher life
Spain first country to control Texas and California
Sam Houston president of Texas; defeated Santa Ana
Jim Bowie died at the Alamo in his bed; made a knife
Davey Crockett died at the Alamo; rifle named "Old Betsy"
Santa Ana Dictator of Mexico; lost more men but defeated the Texans at the Alamo
"Remember the Alamo" inspiration/motivation for Texas
Stephen Austin led first settlers to Texas; capital named after him
William Henry Harrison president who died in office; nicknamed "Old Tippecanoe"
Andrew Jackson against Indians; nicknamed "Old Hickory"
manifest destiny painting (lady) the lady leads settlers to improve the west with education (book)and the telegraph (communication)
manifest destiny painting (movement) the west is settled by more and more modern forms of transportation
Zachary Taylor nicknamed "Old Rough and Ready"-fierce American general in war with Mexico
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended war with Mexico, gave CA/NM to US and set Texas border at Rio Grande
Utah Mormons came here to escape religious persecution, leader Joseph Smith was killed by a mob, and to set up their town as they wanted
Reasons to go west the Mexican War, a depression in the east, freedom of religion, to get cheap land
Mormon Trail used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Wild West called that because criminals & outlaws went west to avoid being caught, fights over gold, with no police people broke laws
War with Mexico started by President Polk because Texans and Mexico disagreed on the border and Mexicans killed some Americans there
Supreme Court disagreed with Jackson and Congress about the Indian Removial Act
1840s routes west Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, California Trail
Brigham Young Mormon leader who lead the Mormons to the Great Salt Lake region
49ers named after 1849, year people came to CA to mine gold
polygamy having more than one wife; practiced by early Mormons
Oregon Dispute America and Britain settled the country's boundary at the 49th parallel with a treaty
1849 routes to California OR and CA trails, clipper ship around South America (Cape Horn), and ship to Panama and across then ship to CA
Joseph Smith started the Mormon religion (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) based on supposed visitation by 2 personages; killed by a mob
To get CA & TX why Polk started war with Mexico
Western Transport/Communication Pony Express, Clipper ships, Telegraph were innovations of this
John Sutter ran a fort where gold was discovered when he was having a mill built
James Marshall famous for finding gold by accident while building a mill at Sutter's fort
Cheapest route to CA covered wagons on the OR & CA trails
bully relationship American relationship with Mexico during westward expansion
1829 Jackson elected
1823 Monroe Doctrine
1831-1833 Trail of Tears (because of Jackson's Indian Removal Act)
1849 Gold Rush
Created by: tboever17