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midwife apprentice

heedless careless,mindfull
unnourished to not cherish,
rank bad smell
wimple a fold or wrinkle as in cloth
midwife a person trained to assist women in childberth
apprentice a person who works for another for trade
curled to form into a spiral or curved shape
haggling to bargain in a pretty way
borage a plant related to southern europe
whiffler a person who frequently shifts minds
comfrey a plant that belongs to a borage family
stanching stopping the flow of liquid
embers the hot still remain of fire
lest incase fearing that
ale brittish beer
betook to cause oneself to go
casks a container or a barrel in which contains liquid.
fermenting the changing of a liquid into an alchohol
mewling to cry or sob
writhing to twist or squirm as in pain
tunic a gownlike outer garment
threshing to seperate the grains or seeds
quivering the act or state of trembling
prosperous successful
mallows any of various plants of genus
Created by: nellyvampire
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