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american History chapter 17

the army chief of staff george marshall
president and founder of the brotherhood a phillip randolph
government issue, enlisted army soldiers G.I.
women volunteers service in non-combat Women's Auxillary Army Corps
fixed allotment of goods rationing
brought the scientific community into war research Office of scientific research & development
the code name for the atomic bomb research, New Mexico Manhattan Project
fought inflation; freezing prices; increased taxes Office of price administration
converted industry; all industries making war supplies war production board
explain how the US expanded its armed forces in WWII selective service & minorities
describe the wartime mobilization of industry, labor, scientists, & the media... indusrty-factories converted media-positive propoganda labor- 6 million women science- research new weapons
trace the efforts of the US government to control the economy & deal with alleged subversion 1. OPA 2. rationing 3. government intervene 4. promotion of patriotism 5. illegal to criticize government during national emergency
became general of the supreme allied forces, led two major attacks-North Africa & invasion of Norway Dwight D. Eisenhower
led allied forces into enemy lives omar bradly
US general of the famous third army george patton
allies gain control of atlantic
was the vice president; became president after the death of FDR; was forced to decide when to drop the first atomic bomb Harry S Truman
allies gain control of Atlantic; allowed safe transportation for troops and supplies Battle of Atlantic
the turning point of WWII batlle of Stalingrad
american citizens whose parents had emigrated to US from japan nisei
code name for operation overlord; June 6,1994 D-Day
germans launche their final attacke battle of buldge
victory in Europe day; may 8, 1945 V-E Day
summarize the alllies plan for winning th war dividing into too fronts defeat hitler and then Japan
identify events in the war in europe battle of atlantic a stalingad buldge d-day v-e day
known for saying, "I shall return" douglas macarthur
the commander of american naval forces chester nemitz
navajo native americans navajo code talkers
led manhattan project J robert oppenheimer
b-29 bomber; the bomber who released the atomic bomb enola gay
"little man" august 9, 1945 hiroshima
"fat man" was dropped aug. 9, 1945` nagasaki
allied forces stopped japan from taking australia battle of coral sea
the turning point on the pacific war battle of midway
suicide bombers; an honor; devine winds kamikazee
the US built heavy bombers to launch attacks iwo jima
larest deaths for both sides battle of okinawa
the big three toasted the defeat of germany yalta conference
the big three... consisted of....... stalin; churchill; FDR
describe allied offensive against the japanese island hopping-quick attacks
the turning points of the pacific war battle of midway battle of coral sea iwo jima
prosecution of nazi's for crimes against humanity numberg trials
challenges faced by the allies in building a jus and lasting peace rebuilding europe controlling germany rebuilding japan-stronger than us soviet union-becoming a superpower
1942- civil rights leader who founded the (CORE) james farmer
to confront urban segregation in the North congress of racial equality
pushed the governmentto cooperate those sent to camps for their property Japanese american citizens league
movement of people to another place to find work migration
1944readjustment act; provided education & training for veterans; payed for by federal government GI Bill of Rights
style of dress adopted by mexican americans youths a symbol of there rebellion against tradition "Zoot-Suit" riots
confinement of 1,444 Japanese Americans Internment
the economic & social changes that reshaped american life during the WWII unemployement went down defense industry boomed
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