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study questions for history 2

Social Contract Theory Government receives its authority from the people and is given powers to maintain order and protect its citizens
Elastic Clause necessary and proper clause", gives Congress additional powers.
First Amendment Freedom of speech, press, petition, religion, peaceable assembly
13th Amendment Ended slavery
14th Amendment Guarantees civil rights to ANY person born in the United States
15th Amendment Gave ALL males the right to vote, including African Americans
19th Amendment Gave women the right to vote
Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws Limited the rights of African Americans
Constitution The supreme law of the land
Declaration of Independence Declared the colonies independence from Great Britain
Bill of Rights First 10 Amendments of the Constitution
Magna Carta Limited the power of the King
John Locke Power of the gov't is derived from the people, influenced Jefferson
Jacques Rousseau Author of The Social Contract Theory
Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of Independence
Montesquieu French philosopher that came up with the idea of three branches of gov't
Preamble Explains the purpose of the Constitution, begins with the phrase "We the people"
Federalism Divides power between the federal gov't and state gov't
Articles of Confederation The first set of laws governing the United States
The Federalist Papers Series of articles written to promote the ratification of the Constitution
Judicial Review Supreme Court has the right to decide if laws passed by Congress were constitutional or not.
Marbury v. Madison Established Judicial Review
Amendment A change to the Constitution
Ratify Approve
Great Compromise Divided Congress into two houses (Senate and House of Representatives)
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