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World War II


Worldwide depression America became the leading country to lend other countries money, but when our economy crashed this affected the whole world; simply the U.S. was owned over ten billion dollars in war debt which we tried to collect but were unable to
Impact of the Depression on other Countries Germany was hit the hardest since it owned the most money cause of World War II Japan: has a serve food shortage Italy: has a food shortage and people revolted against the government Great Britian: had to rebuild its millitary and rely on the U.S
fascism all power in a country was given to a dictator
Adolf Hitler leader of the Nazi party he said that Germany was not treated fairly during World War II and he blamed the Jews
Bento Mussolini leader of Italy he thought that Italy was mistreated and he worked to build the Itslian military up and strengthen the economy
Hideki Tojo the Minister of Japan because Tojo was in charge of the military. Tojo wanted to build a strong military
Axis powers Germany, Italy, Japan
Lend-Lease Act gave the president $50,000,000,000 worth of military equipment to any country to help it win the fight
Pearl Harbor December 7, 1971 Japan attacked our naval base killing over 2,400 americans and destroying most of our navy in the Pacific
Allied Powers Great Britain, France, Russia, China, and the United States
Allied Leaders Prime Minister Winston Churchhill=Great Britain, General Charles DeGaulle=France, Premier Joshef Stalin= Russia, General Chiang Kai Shek=China, President Franklyn D. Roosevelt= United States
Created by: max horne