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study questions for history 1

Reformation A religious movement in Europe to reform the Catholic Church which divided Christianity in Western Europe between Catholics and Protestants.
Renaissance A period in European History in 1400s-1600s, during which renewed an interest in learning about the world.
St. Augustine, Florida The first European (Spanish) settlement in America.
Columbia Exchange The exchange of plants, animals and diseases between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.
Stamp Act The British Parliament imposed the first direct tax on the Colonies in the 1760s.
French and Indian War A conflict in North America which was part of a world wide struggle between France and Great Britain.
Samuel Adams One of the founders of the Sons of Liberty who took part in the Boston Tea Party and signed the Declaration of Independence.
Lexington and Concord The first armed conflict between the Colonists and the British. The shot heard around the world.
Paul Revere He was famous for warning of oncoming British troops to Lexington and Concord.
Crusades An attempt by the Christians to retake the Holy Land from the Muslims, which led to increased knowledge and trade.
Conquistador Spanish explorer in the new world in pursuit of God, Gold, and Glory.
Jamestown The first successful English settlement in North America.
Virginia House of Burgesses The first representative government in the North America.
Boston Massacre A clash between British soldiers and Boston colonists where five colonists were killed.
Boston Tea Party A protest of the Tea Act imposed by the British Parliament.
Navigation Acts A series of laws restricting colonial trade.
Joint-stock company A business in which investors pool their wealth for a common purpose.
Indentured servant A person who has contracted to work for another for a limited period.
Prince Henry He began a school for navigation in Portugal which helped Portugal take the led in exploration
Colonization The European system of establishing distant settlements controlled by the parent country
Plantation A large farm in which the labor of slaves are used to grow a single crop.
Treaty of Tordesillas A treaty between Portugal and Spain agreeing to divide the Western Hemisphere.
Juan Ponce de Leon A Spanish conquistador who explored Florida.
Salutary Neglect An English policy of relaxing regulations in the colonies in return for continued economic loyalty by the colonies.
Glorious Revolution A transfer of the British monarchy from James II to William and Mary, which also restored the colonies original charters.
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