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Worldwide Depression bacically america became the leading country to lend other countries money but when our econmy crashed this affected the whole world simply the U.S was owed over ten billion dollars in war debt which we tried to collect but were unable to
Impact o the Depression on other Countries 1.germany was hit the hardest since it owed most money because of worldwas 1 it had to pay back money it didnt have so there was high unemployment and many people were unhappy in gwermany 2 japan had food shortage 3 italy had food shortage and people revo
Fascism a philosophyy were all power in a country is given to a dictator and indiviual freedoms are denied. this philosy promotes to strong millitary and a strong sense of nationalism which starts rasicm. many europe countries turned to this philoshy to try and e
Adolf Hitler the german leader who was in chargte of the NAZI party a group of individuals that felt evrything in germany should be blamed on jews he said germany was not treated fairly after worldwar 1 and it wasthe jews fault
Benito Mussolini the leader of italy who was allies with hilter because they were both fascist leaders he felt that italy was mistreated during the treaty of versailles and he worked out to build italin military up strenghin the econmy
Hideki Tojo the war minster in japan who basically was in charge of the country the emeror was supposed to be in charge but he little power because tojo was military leader
Axis Power Germany
Created by: Tyjanea