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World War 2


Worldwide Depression America became the leading country to lend other countries money. when our economy crashed this affected the whole world.
Impact of the Depression on other Countries 1. Germany owed lots of money due to world war 1 and had to pay back money it didnt have. 2. Japan had a severe food shortage 3. Italy had food shortage and people revolted against their government
Fascism This was a philosophy were all power in a country is given to a dictator and individual freedoms are denied.
Adolf Hitler He was a German leader who was in charge of the Nazi party, a group of individuals that felt everything in Germany should be blamed on the Jews.
Benito Mussoloini He was the leader of Italy who was allies with Hitler because they were both fascist leaders. Also felt that Italy was mistreated during the treaty of versailles
Hideki Tojo He was the war minister in Japan who was in charge of hte country.
Axis Powers Germany, Italy, and Japan
Lend Lease Act This was if you wanted to go against the Axis Powers then you would get 50,000,000,000 from the congress and the president
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked our naval base killing over 2,400 Americans this also forced the U.S. to go into WW2
Allied Powers great britain france russia china U.S.
Allied Leaders Prime minister winston churchill=great britain general charles degaulle=france premier josef stalin=russia general chiang kai shek=china president franklin d roosevelt=U.S.
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