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AHistory Test Prep

American History/World History Test Prep

27 independent states that have come together to enhance political, economical, and social operations. European Union
Challenged the “divine right of kings,” People like Jean Jacque Rousseau and John Locke encouraged people’s rights and the government’s responsibility to the people and supported democracies Enlightenment
Displaced from their land, not considered worthy of protection during the 19th C., victims of Americanization Native Americans
A tax on imports coming into the country. May be placed on imports to protect American products, may also be removed from imports that are not frequently found in the U.S. Tariffs
Created by Cesar Chaves, Pushed for fair wages and better working conditions for Hispanic-American workers United Farm Workers
Gave women the right to vote in 1919 19th Amendment
Lowered the voting age to 18 26th Amendment
Created after WWI to make sure another World War would never happen again, held little power, no army, fell apart after the start of WWII, U.S. was not apart of the LON, which was the groups biggest downfall League of Nations
Supreme Court case in which the segregation of public schools was found unconstitutional Brown vs. Board of Education
This freedom may be restricted if the individual threatens public safety Freedom of Speech
Supreme court case in which the accused was fined for sitting in the "white only" railroad car, this case established the idea of being "seprate but equal" Plessy vs. Ferguson
Rule by single religion or church, citizens have no say Theocracy
Rule by a single person, citizens have no say Dictatorship
Rule by a royal family, King and/or Queen, Monarchy
King and Queen has absolute rule, citizens may influence decisions, but King and Queen have final say Absolute Monarchy
King and Queen have only has as much power as the constitution allows them to have (England) Constitutional Monarchy
Complete rule of the citizens by the government, Military rule Totalitarian
Every one is “equal” and everything is owned by the government Communist
Every political party has some form of representation in the government Parliament
Where the ruling authority was considered to be like a god, his word is law, all who cross him may be killed Divine Right of Kings
Set reparations for Germany after WWI, embarassed them Treaty of Versailles
Where supply/demand is controlled by both the people and the government Mixed Economy
Where supply/demand is decided by only the people Market Economy
Concerned with meeting the need to survive (food, shelter, clothing, water) found in underdeveloped economies Traditional Economy
Supply/demand is controlled by the government only Command Economy
Controlls money supply and interest rates Federal Reserve
Set up after WWII to make sure another world war never happens again, did not fail like the League of Nations United Nations
Made after WWI, made Germany take full responsibility for the war, pay all war debts, put a cap on how many soldiers their army could have, and forced them to give back any land they acquired during the war, Made Germany bitter Treaty of Versailles
To be removed, taken away Displaced
Created by: peachie_31