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WGU Electoral Proces

Chapter 12

Every two years voters head to the polls to select all 435 members of the House
Every two years one-third of all members of the Senate
Every four years voters also indirectly select the president and vice president
General elections in which the president and vice president are selected take place every four years and are known as presidential elections
General elections held in the even-numbered years between presidential elections are known as congressional elections, midterm elections, or off-year elections
Primary Election an election conducted within a political party to select its candidates for the general election
Which of the following is a method of choosing a presidential nominee? caucus system
The Founders designed the electoral process to do which of the following? ensure that the government has political legitimacy
How often does the Constitution require elections to be held? every two years
first step for a congressional candidate pursuing a seat in the House or the Senate is to qualify for the state ballot, which can be accomplished by either winning the nomination of a party or gathering enough signatures on a petition to run independent of a party
Today, party candidates for both the House and the Senate are selected through primary elections
An open primary system is one in which voters registered with a political party may choose the ballot of either party
In a closed primary system voters can only vote on the ballot for the party with which they are registered
The second step for a congressional candidate is to win the general election
plurality voting a systemin which the single winner of the most votes wins the election
How may a congressional candidate qualify for the state ballot? by gathering enough petition signatures to run autonomously of a party
the president is nominated and elected by the states rather than by the national popular vote
What is the first step in winning the presidency? winning the most party delegates from around the United States to support your nomination
How are delegates selected to participate in the parties' national conventions? through both primary elections AND caucuses
What is the primary goal of frontloading in the electoral process? exerting more influence over the selection of party presidential nominees
How many states held nominating elections on "Super Tuesday" in 2008? 21
The electoral college is made up of representatives from each state who cast votes for the president and vice president
Article II, section 1 of the Constitution mentions electors that are to be responsible for selecting the president and vice president
The 12th Amendment establishes that electors will cast one vote for president and one vote for vice president
What determines the number of electors each state receives? the number of U.S. senators and representatives from the state
How are electors for the electoral college chosen? They are chosen by the political parties in each state
Which of the following statements about the electoral college is true? The electoral college casts the constitutionally required, official vote for president of the United States.
How many electors constitute the electoral college? 538
how many electors does a presidential candidate need to win an election? 270
One advantage of using electoral college is that it preserves the principle of federalism built into the Constitution by the Founders
One disadvantage of the electoral college system is that a candidate can win the popular vote nationally and still lose the election
Another disadvantage of the electoral college system is that it concentrates campaign activity in battleground or swing states
party-oriented strategy, in which a candidate relies on the party's platform and record, as well as the organization's resources, to appeal to voters' partisan identification
issue-oriented strategy, which is directed at groups of Americans with strong preferences toward policy on specific issues
candidate-oriented strategy; a candidate using this strategy organizes the campaign efforts around his or her personal characteristics, such as experience, leadership capacity, and integrity
a party-centered strategy would be less useful during the nomination process
A party-centered strategy appears to be most useful when voters have less political knowledge and are more likely to rely on party identification as a shortcut for making voting decisions
A party-centered strategy would be more useful in which of the following? the general election
Campaign financing for federal elections is currently regulated by the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA)
The original law—known as the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA)— distinguished between hard money for candidates and soft money for campaigns
It targeted hard money by limiting individual contributions to $1,000 and PAC contributions to $5,000
Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court upheld the limitations on hard money donations to candidates but struck down limits on the amount that individuals and organizations could spend on behalf of a candidate (in the form of advertising, for instance)
An individual may donate up to $30,400 per year to a national party committee and $10,000 per year to state and local party committees
The limit on PAC spending was maintained at $5,000
Campaign financing for federal elections is currently regulated by which of the following? the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
Which of the following currently pertains to the use of "soft money" in campaigns? The BCRA banned unregulated soft money donations to political parties
Candidates use war chests to do which of the following? pay for advertising
Which of the following would be considered an especially effective way of reaching voters during political campaigns? Email, Internet advertising, campaign websites, and Facebook
Electoral reforms of the late 19th century did which of the following? lessened party control over ballot design
Which of the following contributed to the shift to candidate-centered campaigns? Technological advancements, ballot reform, introduction of televisions, and political consultants
Which of the following accurately describes the role of modern parties in political campaigns? Parties exercise less control over electoral politics than in the past
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