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Chapter12 SS BMS

You can study chapter 12 study guide of the Great Depression in 6-2 BMS

Black Tuesday Crash of 1929 first event of a terrible depression stock market prices fell marking the beginning of the Great Depression
100 days A special session of congress kept busy passing FDRs programs with little debate
New deal FDRs programs to fight the depression
Bonus army Marched to Washington, D.C. To collect early payment for fighting in WW1
2 new deal Another set of programs to fight the depression passed in 1935
Deficit spending Using borrowed money to pay for government programs
Dust bowl Farms damaged across a large area of the mid section of the US
Sit down strike Workers stop working but stay on the job site
Securities and exchange commission SEC Keeps an eye on stock market regulates to make sure fair practices while trading stocks
Liberal A political view that favors strong government action to bring about social and economic reform
Created by: greencolor