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The Pilgrims

Third Grade

A _____ is a settlement in another country. Colony
A _____ is a place where people could worship together or have town meetings. Meetinghouse
A promise that is written down is a _____. The pilgrims and Wompanoags signed one. Treaty
The type of gun that the pilgrims used: _____. Musket
______ are animals that are raised for their meat, eggs, or milk. Livestock
To make rules: _______. Govern
The_____ is a ship thst the pilgrims used to sail from England to Plymouth. Mayflower
A disease that is caused by not getting enough vitamin C is called _____. Scurvey
________ _______ is when people make their own laws and agree to live by them. Self-Goverment
A person or group of people who have control _________. Goverment
A wompanoag who taught the pilgrims to trade, plant and and hunt. He was an interpreter. Squanto
The first wampanoag to meet the pilgrims. Samoset
The Sachem of the wampanoags who wanted to be friends with the pilgrims: _______. Massasoit
The man elected governer by the pilgrims. William Bradford
He helped the pilgrims find a good place to settle, he also founded Duxbury. Miles Stanish
Created by: Mdankese