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Ch 15-16 Jazz Ages

Spalding Academy 10th 2012

Major author, wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls Ernest Hemingway
African American author; wrote Their Eyes Were Watching God Zora Neale Hurston
Famous African American jazz singer at the Cotton Club Josephine Baker
Leader of the Black Nationalist Movement to move African Americans back to Africa Marcus Garvey
Major athlete during this time period—became a national hero Babe Ruth
Major musician during the Harlem Renaissance; known for his excellent trumpeting Louis Armstrong
Major poet during the Harlem Renaissance; wrote “I, too.” Langston Hughes
__________ was designed to help Germany meet its post-war financial obligations. The Dawes Plan
A national policy of avoiding involvement in world affairs Isolationism
A place where alcoholic beverages are sold illegally Speakeasy
A production system with machines and workers arranged so that each person performs an assigned task again and again as the item passes before him or her Assembly line
A Protestant evangelical Christian who believes in being saved from sins by being born again and making a personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ Fundamentalism
A suspension of activity Moratorium
A young woman of the 1920s who showed freedom from convention Flapper
After the passage of the National Origins Act of 1924, who did employers hire? Mexican immigrants
Chicago gangster who was involved in the bootlegging industry Al Capone
Compare and contrast President Harding and President Coolidge. (i.e. personality, attitude toward gov’t, and scandals.) Harding: loud, lots of gov’t involvement, Ohio gang + Teapot Dome scandal. Coolidge: Quiet, laissez faire, no scandals
Explain the Sacco and Vanzetti case. How did nativism influence this case? 1927. 2 Italian immigrants accused of shooting 2 men. Were anarchists. Guns/bullets didn’t match. Executed. Real criminals step forward. Were Catholic, anarchists, etc
Explain the Scopes Monkey Trial. What was the final verdict? John Scopes in TN teaches evolution. Sued. Scopes found guilty. Fined $100.
First female to attempt to fly around the world solo; disappeared Amelia Earhart
First person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean Charles Lindbergh
Freedom from prosecution Immunity
How did the US maintain diplomatic relations with foreign nations after WWI? assuming the wartime debt of European nations
In the Teapot Dome scandal, why did Harding’s cabinet officers accept bribes? accepted bribes in exchange for the lease of U.S. Navy oil fields, accepted bribes in exchange for German-American patents, pocketed the proceeds from the sale medical supplies from veteran hospitals
Italian immigrants accused of shooting 2 men Sacco and Vanzetti
Major automobile producer; implemented the assembly line Henry Ford
Person who believes that there should be no government Anarchist
Tennessee teacher who was arrested and stood trial for teaching evolution John Scopes
The govt’s economic policies of the 1920s included all of the following EXCEPT: A) reducing government debt, B) cutting government spending, C) reducing tariffs, D) reducing tax rates d) reducing tariffs
The production of large quantities of goods using machinery and often an assembly line Mass production
The state or fact of being normal Normalcy
Warren G. Harding’s cabinet was known as the Ohio Gang
What led to the rise of racism/nativism in the 1920s? a widespread acceptance of eugenics, economic recession increase in immigration after WWI
What was the Dawes plan? How did it work? Why did the US participate? Plan to help Europe pay debt. US gives money to Ger. Ger pays Allies. UK/Fr pays US. If Europe suffers, US suffers economically
What were Henry Ford’s industrial innovations? raising workers’ wages, shortening the workweek, introducing the assembly line in automobile production
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