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WGU Political Partie

Chapter 11

a political party can be understood as an organized coalition of interests that seeks to influence government and policy by getting members elected to public office and by coordinating the actions of elected officials
Which part of the Constitution discusses political parties? no mention
Party workers, candidates, and members increase party influence over government.
The party organization refers to a set of structures at the national, state, and local levels
the two largest such organizations are the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Republican National Committee (RNC)
Each party then has state and local committees that work with the national committee to carry out the organization's tasks, which include recruiting and nominating candidates, defining the party platform, and getting candidates elected to office
A party manifesto refers to which of the following? policy issues, policy goals for the party, actions the party proposes to take, and the party platform
How is the Republican Party structured at the state and local levels? organized into independently operating groups of voters and delegates
Which of the following is NOT a typical resource provided to candidates for office by the national committees of each party? Management of campaign staff
The people who work for a party organization at the national, state, or local level are responsible for a number of tasks, including recruiting candidates, developing political strategies, helping citizens register to vote, mobilizing supporters to vote, raising money, and conducting research on the opposition party and its candidates
How might the national committee chair try to get state and local committees to adopt policy positions? by withholding funding
Party workers are responsible for which of the following tasks? raising money, recruiting candidates, researching the opposition, and encouraging voters to vote
Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act of 1888 required that public employees be hired according to merit
The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act of 1888 established limitations on which of the following? patronage
Democrats call their working group a and the caucus
Republicans call their working group a conference
The party working groups make decisions concerning committee assignments, committee leadership positions, and party leadership positions
Since the 1950s, Republicans and Democrats have become which of the following? more polarized
Which of the following represents a notable instance of party members working across party lines? Southern Democrats voted to oppose healthcare reform
How might the party in government try to enact the party agenda? by building coalitions, appointing party members to the executive cabinet, coordinating executive and legislative actions, and making certain committee assignments
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