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20's and 30's

The Roaring 1920's and the Somber 30's

Which amendment repealed Prohibition? 21st
American composer who wrote music (exp. Hoedown) Aaron Copland
American composer who wrote music (exp. Rhapsody in Blue) George Gershwin
Why did African Americans leave the South for northern ciies? 1. less discrimination 2. better pay 3. better jobs
People who illegally made and smuggled alcohol bootleggers
Painter of Southwest landscapes Georgia O'Keeffe
Places to drink illegal alcoholic beverages speakeasies
African American painter who paintd the Great Miration Jacob Lawrence
John Steinbeck wrote about what group of people? Migrant workers
Time period during the 18th Amendment Prohibition
Author who wrote about the fun part of the 20's F. Scott Fitzferald
Popular music in the 20's Jazz
Famous African American who played the trumpet Louis Armstrong
Famous African American who played the piano Duke Ellington
Harlem Renaissance exposed what to the rest of American? African American Culture
Queen of the Blues Bessie Smith
Short skirts, short hair and make up flapper
Who was elected president in 1932 after Herbert Hoover? Franklin D. Roosevelt
What were black blizzards? dust storms from lack rain, over grazing and not rotating crops
What was FDR's plan to help American recomver from the Great Depression? The New Deal
How many cornerstones (or main ideas) did FDR's New Deal have? 5 corner stones
money that is taken from people's paychecks to make a retirement fund for people over 65 Social Security
work programs that gave people jobs building public works like bridge, dams, roads, etc. Federal Work Programs
gov’t began price supports for some crops & provided low-interest loans to help farm workers buy their own farms Farm Assistance Programs
set a national minimum wage, protected workers who wanted to form unions & those who didn’t Labor Rights
Environmental Protection Conservation programs and new public works changed America’s landscape
WPA Works Progress Administration – employed people in construction, education, and the arts
PWA Public Works Administration - wired rural (country) America for electricity, built tunnels, bridges, highways, sewage systems, airports, etc.
CCC, like the Skyline Drive Civilian Conservation Corps - put 3 million men on conservation & development of natural resource projects
FERA Federal Emergency Relief Administration – worked with poorest families by providing jobs, health care & literacy programs
What were the three big ideas behind FDR’s New Deal? 1. Relief 2. Recovery 3. Reform
3 New Deal programs still in existence today 1. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) 2. Social Security 3. Federal Housing Administration
What is an “OKIE”? People from Oklahoma that migrated to the west coast to leave behind the Dust Bowl problems
What did farm families do to survive during the Great Depression? • Sold their farms • Moved toward the west coast to find work
How did the drought affect the farmers’ income? Couldn’t grow crops … and no crops meant no money
Why was the area referred to as the Dust Bowl? Dust storms in the area would turn day time to night with thick clouds of black dust covering the entire area
What area of the country was considered “The Dust Bowl”? Oklahoma was hit hardest but also included parts of Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas
3 Causes of the Dust Bowl 1. drought 2. overgrazing of livestock 3. overplowing of fields
What was a Hooverville? Shanty towns of homeless people that popped up in cities across the country during the Great Depression
Which president did most Americans blame for the Great Depression? Herbert Hoover (Republican) elected in November 1928
What are breadlines? Lines of people looking for at least 1 hot meal to eat for the day … homeless and unemployed
Impact the Great Depression had on America 1. banks and businesses failed and closed 2. unemployment rate soared 3. people were hungry and homeless 4. famers’ income fell to low levels (no rain in Midwest)
How did the Federal Reserve contribute to the Depression? Loaned out too much money to local banks in the 1920s and had none to loan out when people began withdrawing money in 1929
What is the Federal Reserve? Bank for the U.S. government – where banks put their money
What happened on Black Tuesday? OCTOBER 29, 1929 Stock market crashed - prices dropped to an all time low signaling the beginning of the Great Depression
3 Causes of the Great Depression 1 overspeculating stocks 2. banks collapsed and closed 3. high tariffs on international trade.
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