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Chp 6 - Soc Studies

To send goods out to other countries to sell Export
Where students in Boston Attended class (many were just one-room) School House
colonists made these by using molds Candles
The area of the country where Boston is located New England
Many frontier families grew this and spun it into yarn Flax
Puritan men promised to live by the rules of the church when they signed this covenant
Learned from private tutors Southern plantation children
This is the main crop grown in Virginia in the 1700's tobacco
a tool for colonial students to study their alphabet The hornbook
the main way that colonist earned a living farming
People that worked for colonists in exchange for their price of passage to the colonies Indentured Servents
(There were 3 legs to triangular Trade route) This is the name of the 2nd leg in which slaves were shipped west. Middle Passage
Gave the Puritans a charter to settle in North America King Charles I
supported a plan for the colony of Georgia because it would protect the Carolinas from the Spanish and French King George
The name for the Middle Colony region Breadbasket
The source of heat in most colonial homes A fireplace
fishing, trading, and shipbuilding New Englandlers way of making a living
making tools by hand Method of making tools of farmers on the Pennsylvanian frontier
People who owed money (England put these people in prison) Debtors
How the dutch and English worked to help the Middle Colonies prosper cooperation
People who owned and controlled land in Carolina (given to them by King Charles) proprietors
a plant that produces blue dye indigo
left Massachusetts because she disagreed with the Puritans Anne Hutchinson
gave Pennsylvania colonists religious freedom and self-government William Penn
Lead a revolt in Albemarle County because propietors didn't govern wisely John Culpeper
to provide a religious haven for Catholics Why Maryland was founded
The last of the 13 English colonies to be settled Georgia
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