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GD and New Deal

controlled industrial production and prices; urged consumers to buy goods only from companies that displayed its blue eagle symbol National Recovery Administration (NRA)
helped solve he banking crisis by issuing licenses to banks to federal examiners found to be financially sound Emergency Banking Relief Act
reduced agricultural surplus and raised prices for struggling farmers/ tried to help farmers by paying them not to grow crops Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)/ Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)
employed single men, ages 18-25, for natural resource conservation such as planting trees, fighting forest fires, and building reservoirs Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
built hydroelectric plants and dams aimed at improving seven Southern states and attracting industry to the South Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
covered people's savings in banks against loss; guaranteed bank deposits up to $2500 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
provided employment in construction of airports, parks, schools, and roads Public Works Administration (PWA) and Civil Works Administration (CWA)
sponsored the controversial "Federal Number One" program Works Progress Administration (WPA)
set up and promoted codes of fair competition National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
established to provide some security for unemployed workers Social Security Act
set up a process whereby dissatisfied union members could take their complaints to binding arbitration National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act)
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