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Ch. 9 Jefferson Era

taxes on foreign imported goods customs duties
doubled the size of the United States Louisiana Purchase
African American who explored with Lewis & Clark York
demand of the barbary pirates tribute
burned the Philadelphia in Tripoli harbor Stephen Decatur
set up regional courts and established Judicial Review Judiciary Act of 1801
pioneer's way of traveling West Conestoga Wagon
purchased from France for $ 15 million Louisiana Territory
pushed for war with Britain War Hawks
prohibits or bans trade with other countries embargo
Decided the election of 1800 House of Representatives
What powers did Jefferson feel belonged to government Deliver mail, take a census every 10 years, and collect customs duties
The Supreme Court rules and reviews the acts of the other branches of government judicial review
The Louisiana Territory was purchased from what country? France
What person from Santo Domingo forced Napoleon Bonaparte to abandon plans for an American Empire? Touissant-Louverture
What prohibited trade with another country? Embargo Act
After the loss at what battle did Tecumseh join forces with the British? Battle of Tippecanoe
Who urged Native Americans to return to the customs of their ancestors? the Prophet
Henry Clay and John Calhoun were know as what? War Hawks
The War of 1812 was ended by what? Treaty of Ghent
Who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1804? Aaron Burr
New requirements were set for Presidential elections by what? twelfth amendment
Who broadened the Supreme Courts power? John Marshall
Which French ruler had plans for empires in Europe and the Americas? Napoleon Bonaparte
The leaders of the expedition into the Louisiana Territory were? Lewis and Clark
A nation not involved in a conflict had what rights? neutral rights
Who built a strong conderacy among Native American people? Tecumseh
Which commander destroyed the British naval forces on Lake Erie? Oliver Hazard Perry
Hopes for a Native American Confederation died when who was killed? Tecumseh
The northern border of the United States was secured or won by the Battle of Plattsburgh
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