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Chapter 12-Cross

What is the Monsoon System? Mariners calculated the winds for sailing and shipping in the Indian Ocean. They had knowledge of the winds.
What goods were traded over the Silk Roads? Silk and spices travled west. Ginger came from China. Cinnamon from China and Asia. Pepper from India. Sesame oil from India.
How did merchants handle long-distance trade? They stayed in their boundaries and reserve it for their subjects and took advantage of their power and geographic position to control overland trade.
How did Buddhism become well known in the third century B.C.E? Ashoka had it spread to Bactria and Ceylon. It also became well established in northern India. It was successful.
Who was against the spread of Christianity? Romans
Why did the Han dynasty collapse? Internal problems that its rulers could not solve. But a problem was the development of factions within the ranks of the ruling elites.
What theories did people think of the reason why the Roman Empire fall? Lead poisoning, radiation given off by bricks, immorality, or the rise of Christianity.
What did Diocletian's economic measures turn out to do? Helped stabilize an economy ravaged by half a century of civil unrest.
Created by: AngelinaHolloway