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Congress Vargo


Members in the Senate 100
Members in the House of Representatives 435
Term of a US Senator 6
Term of a US Representative 2
Minimum Citizenship US Representative 7
Minimum Citizenship US Senate 9
Minimum Age US Representative 25
Minimum Age US Senate 30
Type of Congressional power derived from the "elastic clause" implied powers
House Committee in charge of appropriating funds Ways & Means
Senate Committee that reviews Presidential appointments to federal courts Judiciary
License for publication is good for the author's life + 70 years Copyright
1964 Supreme Court Case "1 person, 1 vote" Wesberry v. Sanders
First African American to serve in Congress Hiram Rhodes Revel
First woman to serve in Congress Jeannette Rankin
First Native American to serve in the Senate Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Practice of giving the best posts to the most experienced congressmen Seniority Rule
Temporary Committee set up fro a specific purpose Select
House Committee which acts as a filter for all bills Rules
Proceeding where a bill is debated Hearing
Measure passed in both houses stating a position Concurrent Resolution
Forces a bill out of committee and onto the floor of Congress Discharge Petition
Meeting of all democrats or republicans in either house Party Caucus
Term fro a permanent committee Standing
Drawling of voting districts to gain an advantage Gerrymandering
Presidential rejection of legislation Veto
A proposed law Bill
Minimum number of congressmen needed to conduct business Quorum
Official who polls his party on key issues Whip
Measure passed in both houses carrying the force of law Joint Resolution
Representatives can't be arrested when Congress is in session Immunity
Process of accusing gov't officials or wrong doing Impeachment
Head of the majority or minority party in either house Floor Leader
Unrelated clause attached to a bill likely to pass Rider
Allows congressmen to get free postage Franking
Official who sets the agenda in the Senate Majority Leader
Dividing congress into districts according to population Apportionment
Official that presides in the House Speaker
Attempt to talk a bill to death Filibuster
Motion to end debate and vote on a bill Cloture
Senate standing committee in charge of making tax laws Finance
Minimum Quorum in the Senate 51
Minimum Quorum in the House 218
A patent is good for this many years 17
Fraction required for a successful cloture 3/5
The official newspaper of the Legislature Congressional Record
House standing committee in charge of setting aside funds Appropriations
Congressional subcommittee, interest group and government bureaucracy Iron Triangle
The trading of votes amont members of congress Logrolling
Implied powers are derived from this part of Constitutional Article 1 Elastic Clause Sec. 8
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