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CMS 8th ss Ch9

Chamberlain Middle School 8th grade SS Chapter 9

Powers granted to the federal government delegated powers
Powers retained by the state government or by the citizens reserved power
to bring charges against a president suspected of committing a crime or vilating essential duties impeach
heads of the executive departments who advice the president cabinet
to make a request of the government petition
fair application of the law due process
to be tried again for the same crime double jeopardy
a long process to gain citizenship naturalization
to send back to the country of origin deport
requirement of military service draft
How does Congress determine the correct apportionment of representatives It examines population changes shown in the census count.
To become U.S. citizens, immigrants must prove that they are law-abiding and support the constitution
Which of the following allows Congress to stretch its powers to address issues that the nation's founders could not have foreseen? elastic clause
freedom of speech and of the press is guaranteed in which amendment First
Who originally opposed amending the Constitution, but later put together its first set of amendments James Madison
The Fourth Amendment prohibits authorities from examining a citizen's property without a search warrent
Political action committees collect money to distribute to candidates who support their cause
People born in a foreign country to parents who are no U.S. citizens can go through naturalization to become U.S. citizens
which powers are held by both the federal government and state governments concurrent powers
the president is elected every four years
Antifederaltists supported the Constitution because they felt that a system grounded in law was the best safeguard of the people. False
The president has the power to grant freedom from punishment, or a pardon, for a person convicted of a federal crime or facing criminal charges True
The protections in the First Amendment form the most basic rights of U.S. citizens True.
No one may be punished for a crime without due process, or fair application, of the law True..
Any immigrant can begin the process of naturalization. False.
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