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Ch7 EarlySettlements

Review for Quiz on Chapter 7 Early European Settlements of N. America

Early colony in North America named after Queen Elizabeth I Virginia
He was one of the first people to tell Queen Elizabeth to begin a new colony in North America He helped found Roanoke Sir Walter Raleigh
This colony mysteriously disappeared It was named for an Algonkian word Roanoke Island
He was the first govenor of Roanoke Island John White
This is a document that permits one to own land charter
This is a large fleet of ships, Spain had one that was going to invade England armada
He was the king of Spain who wanted to punish the English for attacking Spain's colonies King PhillipII
A ______ is a statement that is true and can be proven or checked fact
A(n) _________ is a personal view or belief opinion
A water route through North America to Asia Northwest Passage
This explorer beleived he was close to discovering a water route to Asia through North America Henry Hudson
A _______ is the money remaining after the coasts of doing business have been paid profit
This river is named after the explorer who was searching for the Northwest passage Hudson River
An Italian explorer who sailed for England and found Newfoundland John Cabot
He sailed for France and reached NEwfoundland in 1534 Jacques Cartier
Jamestown was founded near this body of water Chesapeake Bay
This was the name of Virginia before the English came Tsenacomacoh
He was the leader of the native americans at Jamestown Chief Powhatan
Owernship sold by a company in shares stock
This settlement was on the coast Chesapeake Bay John Smith was its leader Jamestown
He was the captain who created strict rules for the colonists at Jamestown John Smith
The chief's daughter who saved John Smith from being killed Pocahontas
He came up with the idea for a cash crop for Jamestown John Rolfe
Tobacco is a ______ ________ for Jamestown and the southern states even today cash crop
People who came to work in Jamestown to pay their way indentured servants
This the law making house for the early colonies House of Burgesses
The Chief of the Powhatan that wanted the English to leve Openchancanough
Plymouth Colony was located near this popular vacation spot Cape Cod
This was a new form of government for the New England Colonies Mayflower Compact
This was a name for a leader of the native americans sachem
He was the leader of the Wampanoag during the early 1600's Massasoit
These native americans learned English and helped save the Pilgrims lives during the early years in New England Squanto Samoset
The colony located in Massachusetts a famous rock is located there Plymouth
He wrote a book about life in Plymouth Colony William Bradford
The first feast in Plymouth known as this Thanksgiving
He was an important leader of the Plymouth Colony during the first Thanksgiving Miles Standish
Created by: 69boners69