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WGU Congress

Chapter 5

Article I addresses the Legislative Branch; placed first to emphasize the importance as being the branch for the people
To serve in the House of Representatives 25 years old
To serve in the House of Representatives a citizen for at least 7 years
To serve in the House of Representatives a resident in the state they wish to serve
To serve in the Senate 30 years old
To serve in the Senate a resident in the state they wish to serve
To serve in the Senate a citizen for at least 9 years
U.S. Constitution further stipulates at least one representative in the House and two senators in the Senate
17th Amendment 1913, which established the direct election of senators
Americans elect all members of the House every 2 years
reelection for the members of the Senate every 6 years
The powers of Congress are described in Article I, section 8 of the Constitution
necessary and proper clause or the elastic clause Section 8
Which portion of the Constitution gives Congress the power to make laws? necessary and proper clause
Who serves as President of the Senate? Vice President
The House of Representatives has the sole authority to exercise which of the following constitutional powers? impeach certain executive branch officials and any federal judge including a member of the U.S. Supreme Court
The Senate has the sole power to exercise which of the following constitutional powers? ratify treaties and try impeached executive branch officials and federal judges
To convict during an impeachment trial, how many of senators present in the legislative body need to vote for conviction? Two-thirds of the senators present
What constitutes a quorum to do business in each chamber of Congress? A majority of the respective members of each chamber of Congress
The constitutional power granted to Congress “To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers” is known as the: necessary and proper clause or the elastic clause
representation in the House is apportioned according to population
representation in the Senate is apportioned equally among the states
House is composed of 435 members
Senate has 100 members
House stronger party leadership structure
Senate likened to "herding cats."
The House is granted the sole power to originate revenue bills by introducing tax legislation
The House is also given the power to initiate impeachment proceedings
Senate's checked by the power to try impeachment cases
Senate uniquely retains the power to approve major presidential appointments
Senate to ratify treaties
Which of the following members of Congress would represent the greatest number of constituents? A senator from California
According to the text, senators tend to be which of the following? issue generalists
Baker v. Carr (1962) the Supreme Court decided that it would regularly require and oversee redistricting characteristics such as class, race, or partisanship as primary factors in structuring congressional district lines
When did Congress pass a bill to limit its size? 1929
Which of the following provides the basis for proportional representation in our national legislature? decennial census
The deliberate manipulation of district lines for electoral advantage is known as what? gerrymandering
When did the Supreme Court decide to review the redistricting process in order to prevent exploitation of the system? Baker v. Carr
Only a member of Congress may introduce a bill
Senate Bills are introduced on the floor during the "Morning Hour."
Senate bill is directed to committee and subcommittee
Senate lacks a Rules Committee, so once a bill is brought to the Senate floor, any amendment may be debated and added
House of Representatives this requires that the bill be dropped in the Hopper
House of Representatives The bill is then numbered and printed by the Clerk of the House
House of Representatives Under the guidance of the Speaker, the bill is then sent to the appropriate committee (or committees, through multiple referral) for review and discussion.
House of Representatives The committee chair considers the bill and directs it to the relevant subcommittee
House of Representatives the subcommittee chair reviews the bill and schedules public hearings to invite witness testimony on the bill before members of the committee engage in a "markup" session to edit and revise questionable provisions of the bill
House of Representatives vote is taken by the subcommittee, the bill returns to the full committee for hearings, markups, and a vote
House of Representatives passed by the full committee, the bill is "reported" to the full chamber of the House
House of Representatives processed through the Rules Committee (a body unique to the House) and given a "rule"—the parameters for debate on the House floor, including time limits and allowable amendment activity
House of Representatives The Speaker's office then schedules the bill for debate on the House floor
House of Representatives If the bill is passed by the full House after debate and amendment, it is sent to the Senate for approval.
Filibusters can only be ended by the procedure of cloture
cloture requires 60 votes
Pocket veto If the president has not signed the bill before Congress adjourns, the bill does not become law and is effectively vetoed
How many bills are generally introduced in each Congress? Thousands
Which of the following is the first to see a bill after it is proposed? Clerk of the House
At which point is a bill sent to the Senate for approval? when it has been passed by the full House following debate and amendment
Which of the following is unique to the Senate bill review process? potential for filibuster
Where does most of the legislative work occur? congressional committees
How many bills are favorably reported out of committee and considered by the full House and Senate? 1 out of 6
The Rules Committee exists House of Representatives
What vote margin in the House and the Senate is required for Congress to override a presidential veto? Congress needs a 2/3
Where do we find the roots of political parties? Federalist and anti-Federalist debate
Which of the following is specified in the Constitution? enumerated powers of Congress
House institutional leader is the Speaker
The Speaker is also the second in line—after the vice president—to assume executive office upon the death or disability of the president.
The institutional leader of the Senate is the vice president
The senator who constitutionally serves in the vice president's absence is the president pro tempore
Who is the institutional leader of the House? The Speaker
When does the vice president vote? in the event of a tie in the Senate.
What is a primary function of whips within Congress? enforce party discipline
Standing committees are those committees that persist from one Congress to the next
Standing committees authorize legislation, and others appropriate the funds necessary to pay for the new policies and programs called for by the legislation.
Conference committees are unique in that they are temporary—they only form at the end of the legislative process to reconcile differences between the House and Senate versions of a bill
Joint committees serve to oversee and evaluate issues of mutual interest pertaining to congressional administration and policy development
select, special, or ad hoc committee These are usually temporary committees established to perform specific duties for Congress, like conducting investigations
Which of the following is considered a standing committee? The Rules Committee
When might a conference committee form? end of the legislative process
Which of the following describes the Committee on Homeland Security? initially a select or ad hoc committee, and was turned into a standing or permanent committee in 2003
Which of the following can influence whether a member is selected for a committee assignment? Demographic profile, personal expertise, party loyalty, and seniority
Which of the following had an impact on the process of passing the health care reform bill? concerns about constituents, coalitions within the Democratic Party, pressure from President Obama, and pressure from Republicans
Which of the following would generally be considered the PRIMARY personal goal of most members of Congress? Winning reelection
Which of the following would be considered an institutional norm developed in Congress? Reciprocity
Which of the following statements regarding interest groups and lobbyists is MOST accurate? Interest groups supply legislators with position papers and memos.
Congress is made up of how many elected members? 535
The anti-Federalists worried about which of the following? both a small Senate and representing the people of America
In which of the following categories is Congress most representative of the U.S. population at large? Protestant affiliation
Which of the following would be an accurate statement regarding women in Congress? Membership in the U.S. Congress reflects the average membership of women in parliaments around the world
What is the most common professional background among members of Congress? law
Membership in Congress can be generally described as which of the following? "old white guys."
If we consider a member of Congress to be acting as a delegate, the member is doing which of the following? he member is following the will of his or her constituency
If Representative Jeff Miller voted for President George W. Bush's financial bailout package against the will of his constituents, we would say that he was doing which of the following? acting as a trustee
Spending for district-specific projects is known as which of the following? earmarking
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