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Article 2


What branch is Article 2? Executive Branch
What is this branches main job? To enforce the laws
Who is the head of the branch? The President
Who is second in rank of the head of the branch? The Vice President
The Vice President and the President both serve a _____ year term? 4 year term
The president is elected by who? Electors
What is an elector? People chosen in each state to elect a president
How do you find out the number of electors including Washintion D.C? Reps + Senators + Washinton
What do the elecots form? They form the elecotral college
How many total members are their in the electoral college? 538 total members
How many do you need to win? 270 votes
How many votes does Washington D.C get? 3
Who sets the dates for the election? Congress
What are the Qualifications for President and VP? Must be at least 35 years old, must be a natural born citizen, must live in the US for at least 14 years
Why would the president not finish his/her term? Impeachment and found guilty, death, terminal illness, resignation
Give me the suceession to the presidency. Vice president, speaker of the house, president, Pro Tempore, Cabinet members in the order their position was created
Can the Presidents Salary be increased and decrease during their term? No
Who determineds the presidents salary? Congress
What is the presidents salary a year right now? $400,000
What are 4 president perks? Indoor bowling alley, marine 1 own personal helocopter, president car called the beast, camp david extra president home ( Vacation home)
What must you take to offically become a president? Oath of Office
What are the 3 things you promise to do? Preserve, Protect, Defend the constitiution
What are 4 powers the president has? Commander in Cheif, Grant pardons and reprieves, Make Treaties ( 2/3 of senate) Appoint Federal Judges, ambassadors, and Cabinet Positions ( 2/3 of senate)
What is one big responsibilities of the president? State of the Union Address
What can the President and the other memebers of the cabinet be impeached for? -Treason -Bribery -Other high/ serious crimes
Created by: 13ebruce