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study for End of Coarse exam

Adolf Hitler walks into Austria-Hungary, proclaims part of Germany annexes doubles the land he had; dictator of Germany - Nazism; builds up the military in the Czechoslovakian border; says that the Germans were being mistreated
Great Britain Neville Chunbaland appeases Hitler with the Munich Pact
Munich Pact an agreement that if Hitler didn't expand anymore they would give him Czechoslovakia
Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland, divides it in half
France and Great Britain declared war
Japan Tojo invades Manchuria to gain minerals and resources; moves into China and then on down the Pacific Rim
Italy Mussolini attacks Ethiopia, expands Italy's empire
Treaty of Versailles the treaty that ended World War I; made Germany take the complete blame; Germany loses land, army,and pays $33 billion in war reparations
Great Depression depression hit all the nations during depressed times; people look for actions - dictators
Mussolini Italian dictator - Facism
Facism extreme nationalism state tells companies what to produce if they need to; state has the supreme authority
Stalin Russian dictator - communism (collectives), killed all opposition, storaged 10 million people to death
Collectives state owned farms
Nazism extreme Facism with racism
Poland attcked and taken in 2 weeks by Germany and Russia
low countries Denmark, Netherlands, and all the small countries north of France are taken in 6 weeks
France outflank Maginot Line by going through the Ardennes; falls
Maginot Line the largest concrete formation ever assembled on the northern border of France
Ardennes a large swamp area east of the Maginot Line that was thought to be undrivable
Dunkirk 330000 French and British troops who were outflanked at the Maginot Line ran to escape to Great Britain; largest Eurcination in human history
Battle for Britain after the fall of Dunkirk, Europe is in Nazi control; Germany begins an air war to bomb Great Britain into submission and eventually invade
Enrigma German code machines
radar invented and helped Great Britain see the German Luficals planes before attacks
American neutrality US tries to stay neutral as Europe fell to Germany
lend lease US remained neutral by lending
Atlantic Charter German U-boats sinking US ships with Great Britain's supplies; US declares they will sink any boat which fires on a US ship
U-boat a German submarine
wolf-packs U-boats in multiple formations
Japanese internment U.S. puts Japanese American citizens in interternment camps in case they were spies
OPAC Office of Price Administration; keeping the prices of food down
rationing people cut back on consumption; victory gardens
Bracero program Mexicans brought in to help farm fields
WAAC Women's Ausilliary Army Corporations; women take non combat army positions and fill tin the factory jobs that the men left
war production board changed the automotive plants to take plants
Africa United States invades
Patton took charge
Rommel "desert fox" loses
Stalingrad massive casualities; stops German advance
Russian winter German troops die
D-Day United States invades Europe through the French coast
Battle of the Bulge last German offensive
Phillipines United States loses Gerneral MacArthur; Bataan death march
Coral Sea stop the Japanese from advancing in order to save Austrilia
atomic bomb bomb that we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
island hopping a way we moved on the Pacific Ocean, cutting the Japanese off
Manhattan Project guys that built the atomic bomb
Created by: Tyl3r10959