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French Test Unit 4

Qui est-ce? Who is it?
Comment s'appelle-t-il? What is his name?
Comment s'appelle-t-elle? What is her name?
Quel age a-t-il How old is he?
Quel age a-t-elle? How old is she?
Comment est-il? How is he?
Comment est-elle? How is she?
personne person
etudiant(e) student
eleve pupil
camarade classmate
homme man
femme woman
professeur teacher
voisin(e) neighbor
grand(e) tall
petit(e) short
brun(e) brunette
blond(e) blonde
beau handsome
belle beautiful
jolie pretty
jeune young
Qu'est-ce que c'est? What is that?
C'est It's
Je sais I know
Je ne sais pas I don't know
Regarde ca Look at that
Quoi? What?
Ca That
objet object
stylo pen
crayon pencil
telephone telephone
livre book
cahier notebook
sac bag
chose thing
montre watch
raquette racket
guitare guitar
affiche poster
calculatrice calculator
Est-ce que tu as? Do you have?
Oui, j'ai Yes, I have
portable cell phone
appareil-photo camera
baladeur portable CD player
tele TV
cassette video video cassette
ordinateur computer
radio radio
radiocassette boom box
chaine hi-fi stereo
voiture car
velo bike
mobylette motor bike
scooter moped
moto motorcycle
marcher to walk / to work, to run
il y a there is
Est-ce qu'il y a? Is there?
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a? What is there?
lit bed
bureau desk
chaise chair
fenetre window
lampe lamp
table table
porte door
sous under
dans in
sur on
devant in front of
derriere behind
imprimante printer
clavier keyboard
souris mouse
ordinateur portable laptop
jeu d'ordinateur computer game
envoyer un mail to send an email
surfer sur l'Internet to surf the Internet
chatter to chat online
telecharger to download
avoir to have
avoir faim to have hunger
avoir soif to have thirst
avoir 13 ans to have 13 years
un, une, des a, an, some
le, la, les, l' the
Where is Haiti located? The Caribbean
What is Haiti famous for? First independent Black nation
What is kompas? A type of Haitian music
What do Haitians eat? Griots, riz djon-djon, pain patate
What is the capital of Haiti? Port-au-Prince
What is the population of Haiti? 8 million
What languages do they speak in Haiti? creole, francais
j'ai I have
tu as you have
il/elle a he/she has
nous avons we have
vous avez y'all have
ils/elles ont they have
Created by: smcdanell