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Euro/Early Colonizat

European/Early Colonization

The Mayflower Compact laid the foundation for what type of government? Direct Democracy
Which colony was most tolerant of different religions? Pennsylvania
These people signed contracts agreeing to work the land in Virginia normally for a period of 4-7 years. Were free after contract expired. Indentured Servants
The Scots-Irish and English settlers of the Appalachian Mountains life style was based on? Hunting, Trading, and
Jamestown was located in which colony? Southern Colony
What became a major conflict between the Indians and Europeans? Issues regarding land use and ownership
Early practice of democratic representative government started in Jamestown. Is now the General Assembly. House of Burgesses
Which colony was NOT tolerant of dissenters? New England
The New England Colony economy was based primarily on? Shipbuilding and Fishing
The Middle colonies economy was primarily based on farming and _____________? Trade
Which country was friendly with the Natives and set up trade with them? France
Companies in which investors pool their money with the hope of gaining a profit. Joint-Stock Company
Why did the Virginia Company of London start? Business Venture
Why did Europeans settle in the English colonies? Gold, God, and Glory
Where slaves were transported in the belly of ships from Africa to the New World usually in cramped and unsanitary conditions. Middle Passage
All three colonies had one thing in common that they all did on a small scale. Subsistence Farming
What two things were transferred during the Columbian Exchange? Plants and Animals
The exchange of plants and animals from the Old World to the New World. Columbian Exchange
Anyone who paid their way or someone else's way to Virginia received 50 acres of land. Headright System
What major event does the date April 1607 represent? Jamestown was founded
The trade route that involved trading and selling of slaves between North America, South America, Europe and Africa was called the? Triangle Trade
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