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Impressionism History 19th Century Art Movement
Painting that started Impressionism Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet
Father of Impressionism Claude Monet
Was it a leeway to other movements? Yes
What did Impressionism do? It recreated the sensation in the eye that views the subject
Impressionist AKA Painters of the Light
What did Claude Monet paint? Lily ponds and gardens
What did Auguste Renoir paint? People Outdoors
What did Edgar Degas paint? Dancers, theaters, circus, horse races
What did Camille Pissarro paint? Cities and streets, boulevards
What did Alfred Sisley paint Rivers and Landscapes, countrysides
What did Mary Cassatt paint Women and children
Artist's views on Photography Artists felt the technology of photography was ruining the art of painting. They felt the need to create a new style of painting
Public's view on Impressionism They hated the paintings at first but gradually came to like them
What did Impressionism grab? A fresh and original vision that art critics disapproved
Characteristics of Impressionism Visible brushstrokes, light colors, emphasis on light and changing quantities of it, ordinary subject matter, unusual visual angles, open composition (Landscapes)
Vincent Van Gogh's nationality DUTCH not French
Vincent Van Gogh facts -Post-Impressionist -2nd Vincent Van Gogh -Brother died at and early age and was named after him -1886 moves to Paris -Did most of his paintings in south of France (Arles) -"Starry Night" was painted in Asylum
How many paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell? 1 painting for $80
Vincent Van Gogh's younger brother Theo -Very close -Theo's wife collected all of Van Gogh's paintings and made him famous
George Seurat is the Father of what? Pointillism
George Seurat Facts -From a wealthy family -Post-Impressionism -"The Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte"
Paul Cézanne Facts Obsessed with painting Le Mont St. Victoire
Paul Cézanne is the Father of what? Modern Art
Alfred Sisley's nationalities are what? He was born in France but his parents were British
Alfred Sisley Facts -Father was wealthy -Owned a silk business -Educated in England -Only one that painted snow ("Snow at Louveciennes") -Married after 30 years with children
Camille Pissarro -From a wealthy family -Father opened a dry-good store -French-Jewish -Born in the Caribbean
Paul Gauguin
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