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french shopping

clothes, phrases for shopping, some verbs, all in french

shop boutique
store magasin
department store grand magasin
to buy acheter
clothes vêtements
jacket blouson
men's shirt chemise
coat manteau
polo polo
blazer jacket veste
pants pantalons
a sweater un pull
jeans jean
socks chaussettes
raincoat imper (impermeable)
a hat un chapeau
tie cravate
women's blouse chemisier
skirt jupe
dress robe
stockings collants
shoes chaussures
tennis shoes tennis
boots bottes
sandals sandales
basketball shoes basket
t-shirt tee shirt
shorts short
sweat shirt sweat
a bathing suit un maillot de bain
jogging suit jogging
belt ceinture
sunglasses lunettes de soleil
glasses lunettes
Excuse me... pardon
May I help you? Vous dèsirez?
I'm looking for... Je cherche
What is the price? Quel est la prix?
how much does _____ cost? combien coûte
it costs... es coûte...
What do you think of... Qu'est-ce que tu penses
pretty belle
elegant elegante
terrific génial
neat chouette
in style à la mode
plain, ugly moche
out of style démodé(e)
too trop
small petit
big grand
short court
long long
expensive cher
cheap bon marché
to look for chercher
to cost coûter
to think penser
to think that penser que
to find, to think of trouver
to bring (a person) amener
to bring (a thing) apporter
to prefer préférer
to hope espérer
this, that ce
what, which quel
to put, place mettre
Created by: katevonderohe