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Reetz chpt 10

What does contemporary mean? existing at the same time
What is another word for the basic requirements? Criteria
What is the belief that the power of the states should be greater than that of the federal governement? State's Rights Doctrine
Whose rights were expanded during the Jacksonian Democracy? Women's
In what currect state was Indian Territory located? Oklahoma
What is the name of the meeting where a political party selects is presidential and vice presidential candidate? Nominatiing conventions
What did John Calhoun state in the South Carolina Exposition? That Congress shouldn't favor one state or region over another
What was the Panic of 1837? a severe economic depression
What is the Spoils System? the practice of politicians giving government jobs to their supporters
What happened in Worchester v Georgia? Court ruled that the Cherokee Nation was a distinct community and the laws of Georgia did not apply.
What dispute was led by John C. Calhoun that said that states could ignore federal laws if they believed those laws violated the constitution? Nullification Crisis
What were the main crops grown in the South? cotton and tobacco
What did the court rule in McColloch v. Maryland? that the national bank was constitutional
Who did the Whig Party support? William Henry Harrison
What were the priorities for the settlers in the West? Better roads and water transportation
Who did the Democrats nominate for Vice President in 1836? Martin VanBuren
Who was angered by the Tariff of Abominations, which was a tax on imports Southerners
Why was the Bureau of Indian Affairs created? to manage Indian removal to Western Lands
What was Sequoya best known for? creating a writing system for his tribe's language
What was The Trail of Tears? the Cherokee 800 mile forced march to Indian Territory
Who was not supportive of the Native Americans and urged Congress to pass teh Indian Removal Act? Andrew Jackson
Who formed the Democratic Party? Supporters of Andrew Jackson
Why did Northerners support tariffs? the tariffs helped them compete with British factories
What was the kitchen cabinet? the name given to Andrew Jackson's group of trusted advisors
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