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Am. His. Lesson 2

American History 1801-1860

U.S. purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803 for $15 million Louisiana Purchase
Overland expedition to the Pacific coast to bring back scientific date about the country Lewis and Clark expedition
Jefferson sent a navy squad in response to constant attacks on vessels by pirates Barbary War
The Supreme Court declared the Judiciary Acts of 1789 unconstiutional; JOHN MARSHALL Marbury vs. Madison
1807 law that prohibited foreign commerce Embargo Act
Congressional leaders who wanted war against Britain to defend American honor and rights War Hawks
War between Britain and U.S. because of British violations War of 1812
Spawned by the Madison administration's insensitivity towards New England states Hartford Convention
Treaty signed by John Quincy Adams and Luis de Onis that gave Florida to America Adams-Onis Treaty
gravel-surfaced toll roads turnpikes
raw materials were delivered to people's homes, where they were paid to make products "putting-out" system
Descriptive term for the era of President James Monroe Era of Good Feelings
Provided a "home market" American System
Compromise that admitted Missouri to the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state Missouri Compromise
Increased power of business corporations Dartmouth College v. Woodward
Established the doctrine of "implied powers" McCulloch v. Maryland
Affirmed the power of the congress to regulate interstate and commerce Gibbons v. Ogden
Foreign policy stating the U.S. would keep out of European affairs if Europe kept out of U.S. affairs Monroe Doctrine
direct rule by the masses of the people democracy
Term for the political culture of white male citizens in the 1820s and 1830s Jacksonian Democracy
1828 tax on imports Tariif of Abominations
Cherokee were forced to evacuate their lands and travel under military guard Trail of Tears
the right of an individual state to set aside federal law nullification
Andrew Jackson used his presidency to fight and destroy the second bank of the U.S. Bank War
Mid 19th century political party that strongly favored commercial capitalism Whigs
Executive order that required purchasers of public land to pay "specie", gold or coins Specie Circular
A financial depression that lasted until the 1840s Panic of 1837
National two-part rivalry between Democrats and Whigs Second party system
The slave-holding states in 1830-1860 Old South
Period when slave labor and cotton production dominated the economies in the southern states Antebellum Era
The first independent black-run protestant church in the United States African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church
Network of safe houses organized by abolitionists to aid slaves in excaping slavery Underground Railroad
Southern small landholders who owned no slaves and lived primarily in the foothills of the Appalachian and Ozark mountains yeoman
Organization that hoped to provide a mechanism by which slavery could be elminated American Colonization Sociey
Device for sperating the seeds from the fibers of short-staple cotton cotton gin
Series of evangelical Protestant revivals that swept over America in the early 19th century Second Great Awakening
Temperance crusade against alcohol that became a powerful social and political force Temperance Crusade
Descirbed white women as guardians of the home in the antebellum period Cult of Domesticity
America's first antislavery political party, formed in 1840 Liberty Party
First women's rights convention that drafted the DECLARATION OF SENTIMENTS Seneca Falls Convention
Hopes for societal perfection that was widespread among evangelical Christians utopianism
A religious group that advocated strict celibacy, gender equality, communial ownership Shakers
Christian utopian community that earned notoriety instituting a from of "free love" Oneida Community
American version of the romantic, idealist thought that emerged in Europe transcendentalism
Transcendentalist commune that attracted many leading creative figures Brook Farm
Young public figures in a movement that urged territy expansion and industrial growth Young America
large mexican landowners rancheros
Texas mexicans tejanos
Agreement with Britain that resolved the boundary dispute between Maine and New Brunswick Webster-Ashburton Treaty
American revolution in Texas at this fort in San Antonio Alamo
Doctrine in support of territorial expansion based on the beliefs of pursuing expansion Manifest Destiny
Conflict between U.S. and Mexico after the U.S. annexation of Texas because Mexico considered it still owned Texas Mexican-American War
Treaty that ended the Mexican-American War Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
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