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Misc. French Vocab

Miscelaneous French vocab. words

achever to complete, finish
terminer to complete, finish
finir to complete, finish
compléter to complete, finish
s'accoutumer à to become accustomed to
s'habituer à to become accustomed to
se faire à to become accustomed to
acquérir to obtain, get
obtenir to obtain, get
actuel present
présent present
l'adresse (f) skill
l'habileté (f) skill
la dextérité skill
l'affiche (f) sign, poster
la pancarte sign, poster
le placard sign, poster
l'écriteau (m) sign, poster
l'enseigne (f) sign, poster
l'aliment (m) food
la nourriture food
l'amas (m) pile, heap
le tas pile, heap
amoureux in love
épris in love
amusant funny
comique funny
drôle funny/ strange, peculiar
plaisant funny
risible funny
l'angoisse (f) anxiety, concern
l'anxiété (f) anxiety, concern
l'inquiétude (f) anxiety, concern
l'astre (m) star
l'étoile (f) star
augmenter increase, grow
grandir increase, grow
aussitôt at once, immediately
immédiatement at once, immediately
sur-le-champ at once, immediately
autrefois formerly
jadis formerly
avertir to warn, notify
prévenir to warn, notify
la bague ring
l'anneau (m) ring
la besogne a very difficult task or job
la tâche task, job
bête stupid, foolish
sot stupid, foolish
stupide stupid, foolish
la bêtise stupidity, nonsense
la sottise stupidity, nonsense
bizarre strange, peculiar
étrange strange, peculiar
singulier unique
curieux strange, peculiar
la blessure wound
la plaie wound
briser to break
casser to break
le brouillard fog
la brume fog
le but aim, goal, purpose
la fin aim, goal, purpose
l'objectif (m) aim, goal, purpose
l'intention (f) aim, goal, purpose
le cadavre corpse
le mort corpse
célèbre famous
illustre famous
éminent famous
renommé famous
le célibataire bachelor
le garҫon bachelor
le chagrin grief, pain
la douleur grief, pain
la peine grief, pain
châtier to punish
punir to punish
conduire to lead
mener to lead
diriger to lead
la conséquence outcome, result
le résultat outcome, result
la coutume custom, practice
l'habitude (f) custom, practice
l'usage (m) custom, practice
croître to grow something
pousser to grow something
davantage more
plus more
le début beginning
le commencement beginning
le dédain scorn
le mépris scorn
dérober to steal
voler to steal
désagréable tiresome, unpleasant, annoying
ennuyeux tiresome, unpleasant, annoying
embêtant tiresome, unpleasant, annoying
désormais henceforth
dorénavant henceforth
le destin destiny, fate
la destinée destiny, fate
le sort destiny, fate
le don gift
le cadeau gift
le présent gift
effrayer to frighten
épouvanter to frighten
l'élonge (m) praise
la louange praise
émerveillé surprised
étonné surprised
surpris surprised
ému excited, upset
agité excited, upset
bouleversé excited, upset
enchanter to delight
ravir to delight
enfoncer to thrust in
plonger to thrust in
l'ennemi (m) opponent, enemy
l'adversaire (m) opponent, enemy
le rival opponent, enemy
ennuyer to bother
embêter to bother
importuner to bother
gêner to bother
entêté stubborn
têtu stubborn
obstiné stubborn
opiniâtre stubborn
épouvantable frightful
affreux frightful
effroyable frightful
l'espèce (f) kind, sort
le genre kind, sort
la sorte kind, sort
établir to set up, found
fonder to set up, found
l'étang (m) pond
la mare pond
l'état (m) state, condition
la condition state, condition
l'étoffe (f) cloth, fabric
le drap cloth, fabric
la toile cloth, fabric
le tissu cloth, fabric
la faҫon manner, way
la manière manner, way
le flot stream
la vague wave
l'onde (f) wave
frémir to quiver, shake, tremble
trembler to quiver, shake, tremble
haïr to hate
détester to hate
l'haleine (f) breath
le souffle breath
la hauteur height
l'altitude (f) height
l'élévation (f) height
inattendu unexpected
imprévu unexpected
inquiéter to worry, disturb
troubler to worry, disturb
tourmenter to worry, disturb
interdire to forbid
défendre to forbid
lâche cowardly
poltron cowardly
lancer to throw, hurl
jeter to throw, hurl
lier to tie, join, bind
joindre to tie, join, bind
attacher to tie, join, bind
unir to tie, join, bind
le logis countryside dwelling, residence
l'habitation (f) dwelling, residence
le domicile dwelling, residence
la demeure dwelling, residence
lourd heavy
pesant heavy
luire shine
briller shine
lutter to fight, struggle
combattre to fight, struggle
malade sick, ailing
souffrant sick, ailing
le marin sailor
le matelot sailor
mêler to mix, to meddle
mélanger to mix (things)
le métier trade, occupation, profession
la profession trade, occupation, profession
mignon dainty, delicate, cute
délicat dainty, delicate, cute
gentil dainty, delicate, cute
la misère poverty
la pauvreté poverty
mouillé wet
humide wet
le navire ship
le vaisseau ship
le négociant merchant, tradesman
le commerҫant merchant, tradesman
le marchand merchant, tradesman
net clean
propre clean
les noces (f) wedding
le mariage wedding
l'œuvre (f) work of literature
l'ouvrage (m) work of literature
l'opinion (f) opinion
l'avis (m) opinion
l'orage (m) storm
la tempête storm
l'ouvrier (m) worker
le travailleur worker
pareil similar
égal similar
semblable similar
la pelouse lawn
le gazon lawn
peureux timid, fearful
craintif timid, fearful
pourtant however, nevertheless
cependant however, nevertheless
toutefois however, nevertheless
néanmoins however, nevertheless
quotidien daily
journalier daily
la reconnaissance gratitude
la gratitude gratitude
redouter to fear
craindre to fear
réduire to reduce
diminuer to reduce
remuer to move
bouger to move
la rente income
le revenu income
renvoyer to dismiss
congédier to dismiss
répandre to spread, give out
distribuer to spread, give out
résonner to resound, echo
retentir to resound, echo
réussir à to succeed in
arriver à to succeed in
parvenir à to succeed in
le revenant ghost
le fantôme ghost
le spectre ghost
l'esprit (m) ghost
rire de to laugh at, make fun of
se moquer de to laugh at, make fun of
le sang-froid self-assurance, composure
l'aplomb (m) self-assurance, composure
sauf except
excepté except
la séance meeting, gathering
la réunion meeting, gathering
secouer to shake
agiter to shake
la signification meaning
le sens meaning
le songe dream
le rêve dream
soulager to soothe
apaiser to soothe
calmer to soothe
tâcher to try
essayer to try
tenter to try
la teinte color, hue
la couleur color, hue
la terre ground, earth
le sol ground, earth
le tricot sweater
le chandail sweater
l'usine (f) factory
la fabrique factory
le vacarme uproar, din, racket
la clameur uproar, din, racket
le tumulte uproar, din, racket
le vœu wish
le souhait wish
la voie road, way
le chemin road, way
la route road, way
vouloir dire to mean
signifier to mean
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