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1920's Test

Random people that I don't give a crap about what they did

Richard Byrd commander of U.S. Navy Aviator Force
18th Amendment banned manufacture, transport and sale of alcohol
Volstead Act enforced the 18th amendment
21st Amendment ended prohibition
Izzy Einstein & Moe Smith cops that worked to arrest those violating prohibition; disguised themselves as drinkers to catch violaters
19th Amendment gave women the right to vote
Alice Paul put the Equal Rights Amendment into motion
Coco Chanel famous designer invented cardigan and little black dress
Margaret Sanger informed women about sex and opened birth control clinic
Satchel Paige baseball pitcher; inducted into hall of fame
Gertrude Ederle swam across English Channel and beat the men's record
Helen Wills international tennis player
Red Grange football player "The Galloping Ghost"
Jack Dempsey bowing Hall of Fame 1990
George Gipp Notre Dame defense
Johnny Weissmuller 440 races only lost one in his career
W.C. Handy "Father of Jazz" first to write/publish blues songs
Al Johnson jazz singer
Rudolph Valentino "sheik" many believed he had no acting talent
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. acting by age 11, became so famous he started his own production company
Mary Pickford "America's Sweetheart" starred in silent and talkies
Greta Garbo talented actress
Sinclair Lewis "Arrowhead" won Pulitzer Prize and Nobel for writing
F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote "The Great Gatsby"
Armory Show art exhibition in NY; people laughed at the art but became a huge success in downtown NY
Alfred Stieglitz first to take pictures moving at night
William J. Simmons founder of the KKK
Created by: nhpride