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Texas Revolution

Where did Santa Anna get released? Washington D.C.
Who surrendered for the Mexicans at The Siege of San Antonio? General Cos
What day did Santa Anna sign the Treaties of Velasco? May 14, 1836
When was the Battle of San Jacinto? April 21st
What Battle besides the Alamo had no survivors? The Massacre at Goliad
When did Travis get to the Alamo with 30 men? February 3rd
How many Texans came to Gonzales to overtake San Antonio? About 300
What marked the start of the Texas Revolution? The Battle of Gonzales
When was the Battle of the Alamo over? March 6th
Who led Texas at the Battle of San Jacinto? Sam Houston
What was Stephen F Austin's only resource? War
Fredonian Rebellion? First organized protest against Mexico
Planning on doing with the Republic of Fredonia? Making it an independent country
Hayden Edward's job? Empresario
Year Santa Anna became the president of Mexico? 1833
Who released Travis & Jack from jail? Colonel Piedras
Leader of group that attacked Velasco? John Austin
Where did the Consultation occur? San Felipe
When did the Consultation occur? November 3, 1853
Texas commander at Goliad? James Fannin
Commanders at Alamo? Bowie & Travis
Victory or Death letter? William B. Travis
Created by: forster_891454