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NWHSU Mash GA 2 Quiz 2 Vessels Abdominal Pelvic

Besides the marginal a., give 2 ANASTOMOSES which would provide collateral flow in the event of a partial occlusion of the abdominal aorta. Ovarian with uterine, superior epigastric with inferior epigastric
Beginning with the aorta, show 2 different routes by which a drop of blood could reach both the head of the pancreas and duodenum Route 1: Aorta>Celiac Trunk>Common Hepatic>Gastroduodenal>ant/post Superior Pancreaticoduodenal. Route 2: Aorta -> superior mesenteric a. -> ant./post. inferior pancreaticoduodenal aa.
Name the abdominal vessel which: a) is tortuous splenic
Name the abdominal vessel which: b) arises from aorta at L3 level (NOT lumbar aa.)- inferior mesenteric
Name the abdominal vessel which: c) arises from aorta about 1-2 inches below renal (NOT lumbar)- gonadal
Name the abdominal vessel which: d) supplies cecum, appendix, distal ileum, etc.- ileocolic
pelvic vessel supplying psoas major, quadratus lumborum mm. Lumbar branch of iliolumbar a.
pelvic vessel that supplies iliacus, quadratus lumborum, and psoas major Iliolumbar a.
pelvic vessel that exits pelvis through greater sciatic foramen above the piriformis. Superior gluteal a.
Name the arteries which supply the urinary bladder Superior, middle, and inferior vesicle, inferior gluteal, obturator
Pelvic vessel which enters the anterior sacral foramina Lateral sacral
SPECIFIC artery which supplies fundus of stomach Short gastric
supplies pectineus, gracilis, adductors of hip and hip joint, etc. with arterial blood Obturator a. (outside pelvis)
Vessel that supplies levator ani, piriformis, coccygeus, gluteus maximus, ect. Internal pudendal
Vertebral level of the superior mesenteric a. LOWER border of L1
collective term for vein formed by gastric veins Coronary
Give ADULT derivatives of the following: a) distal umbilical arteries medial umbilical lig.
Give ADULT derivatives of the following: b) umbilical vein ligamentum teres hepatis
Concerning the vascular supply to the pelvis. What happens to the internal iliac at the upper border of the piriformis? Do not name a specific artery forms anterior and posterior trunks
Concerning the vascular supply to the pelvis. Name arteries to pelvis NOT arising from the internal iliac. superior rectal, middle sacral
Created by: AnatomyMash