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ER verbs Pemetic 7/8

ER verbs French 1 2017

Je (show) montre
Nous (hate) - infinitive is "détester" - détestons
Elle (finds) - infinitive is "trouver" trouve
Vous (give) - infinitive is "donner" donnez
Tu (are looking for) - infinitive is "chercher" cherches
J'(am listening) - infinitive is "écouter" écoute
Elles (introduce) présentent
Vous (work) - infinitive is "travailler" travaillez
Il (studies) - infinitive is "étudier" étudie
Je (wear/carry) - infinitive is "porter" porte
Il (helps) aide
Nous (jump) - infinitive is "sauter" sautons
Tu (buy) - infinitive is "acheter" achètes
J'(live) habite
Elles (watch) regardent
Vous (ask) demandez
Nous (are dancing) dansons
J'(arrive) arrive
Nous (sing) - infinitive is "chanter" chantons
What's the ending for "je" , "il" , "elle" and "on" e
What's the process of conjugating "er" verbs? Chop off the "er" from the infinitive (from PARLER to PARL-) and then add the ending according to the subject. They vary (recite them now!)
Comment dit-on "I" en français? Je
When do you use "je" instead of "j' "? Use j' if it's before a vowel or apostrophe.
When would you say "ils" versus "elles"? Ils = all males OR mixed men/women or masculine nouns (like "les légumes") Elles = all females OR feminine nouns (like "les oranges")
How do you pronounce "ils"? "EEL"
How do you pronounce "elles"? "EL"
What is the difference in pronunciation of "ils arrivent" versus "il arrive"? ils arrivent = EELZ AH REEVE il arrive = EEL AH REEVE
What is the difference in pronunciation of "elles habitent" versus "elle habite"? elles habitent = ELZ AH BEET elle habite = EL AH BEET
Are "aime" and "aimes" pronounced the same? oui ou non? oui
Are "aime" and "aimons" pronounced the same? oui ou non? non
Are "aime", "aimes" and "aiment" pronounced the same? oui ou non? OUI!!!!
Created by: lfineman