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Quebec Video TES

Basse-Ville the lower town
Haute-Ville the upper town
King ??? (his bust is in the Place Royale) Louis
Main language of Québec French
Flower on the Québec flag fleur-de-lys
Traditional meat pie toutière
Name of the railway between "Basse-Ville" and "Haute-Ville" funicular
Ultra sweet dessert tarte au sucre
Largest fort in North America La Citadelle
Name of the falls higher than the Niagra Falls Montmorency Falls
Person who founded the first settlement of colonists in 1608 Samuel de Champlain
Name of the explorer who discovered the Mississippi Jolliet
What is 3 miles long and surrounds the old Upper-Town? A wall
What non-traditional instruments do they use? spoons, hurdy gurdy
What animal is the mascot of the Royal Canadian 22nd Regiment? the billy goat
Created by: lfineman