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US Hist Vocab-Levis

US History Vocab-Levis

Christopher Columbus given credit for discovering the Americas, when he only made it to the Caribbean.
Amerigo Vespucci Explored the eastern coast of South America and believed he had found a new continent, while others thought it was only another part of Asia.
Virginia Company Established the Jamestown settlement in 1607 by Chesapeake Bay
Mayflower Compact Document drafted by the Pilgrims while they were still on the Mayflower.
Puritans Group of radical Protestants which developed in England after reformation, Founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Pilgrims group of English religious separatists.
John Locke Started the concept of natural rights.
Triangular trade a trade system between the Carribean, West Africa, and Europe which involved the trade of slaves, molasses, rum, horses, and other things.
Enlightenment The Age of Reason, advocated rationality and system of ethics.
Great Awakening It was a time where religious enthusiasm was encouraged. Many religions came about.
Mercantilism advocates that a nation should export more than it imports and accumulate bullion to make up the difference.
Navigation Acts it caused a stifling of manufacturing and increased resentment against the mother country
Social Contract This was a stage derived from the natural rights theory, guarantee the rights of the members of society.
Bacon’s Rebellion Nathaniel Bacon and his army rebelled against Jamestown and the government.
French and Indian War French and their Indian allies fought against the Americans and the British.
Seven Years War British won and they emerged as the world’s leading colonial empire. Tension began to arise involving America and Britain
Articles of Confederation the constitution replaced this document
James Madison Father of the Constitution
President Pro-tempore person presides over the Senate if the Vice President is absent
How did the Constitution support slavery? counted each slave as 3/5 of a person
Purpose of the Judicial Branch interpret the law
Purpose of the Executive Branch enforce the law
Purpose of the Legislative Branch make the law
First ten amendments to the constitution Bill of Rights
system of checks and balances to keep any one branch from becoming too powerful. Fear of a King.
Federalist Wanted a strong national government and were for the Constitution
Anti-Federalist Wanted a strong state government and were against the constitution unless it included a Bill of Rights
Federalism Sharing of powers between the national government and state government
Marbury vs. Madison It established judicial review
Nullification Crisis Event when S. Carolina threatened to secede if they were not able to nullify the Tariff of 1832
Jamestown First sustainable North-American European Colony.
Created by: dlevis