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Chap. 8 Vocab.

1. Progressivism Movement that responded to the pressures of industrialization and urbanization by promoting reforms
2. Muckraker writer who uncovers and exposes misconduct in politics or business
3. Social Gospel reform movement that emerged in the late nineteenth century that sought to improve society by applying Christian principles
4. Settlement House a community center that provided that provided social services to the urban poor
5. Direct Primary an election in which citizens themselves vote to select nominees for upcoming elections
6. Initiative gave people the power to put a proposed new law directly on the ballot in the next election by collecting
7. Referendum allowed citizens to approve or reject laws passed by a legislature
8. Recall gave voters the right to remove public servants from public office before their terms ended
9. NCL group organized in 1899 to investigate the conditions under which goods were made and sold to promote safe working conditions and a minimum wage
Created by: mitchin28