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French 4B Vocab: Le Petit Prince

l'appareil unit
Aeropostale (accent ague over first e) airmail
mecanicien (accent ague over first e) mechanic
pilote de ligne airline pilot
un cameleon (accent agues over e's) camileon (desert)
courrier mail
tirent to shoot
le metier d'aviateur (accent ague over second e) profession of a pilot
un roman a novel
l'auteur author
le ciel sky
communiquer communicate
clignotent to flash
ses ailes wings
la seduisante jeune femme (accent ague over first e) a seductive young woman
en liquidation juridique bankruptcy
gagner sa vie won money for a living
des raids aeriens (accent ague over second e) test flights
un conge (accent ague over e) a vacation
des records de vitesse speed records
tirent to pull
une carvane qui les amene au Caire (accent grave over fourth e) a herd of camels took him to Cairo
temoigner des evenements (accent ague over first, fourth, and fifth e's) to witness the civil war
la guerre war
la croix medal
puis retire de la vent (accent ague over second e) book was banned
juif Jewish
un conte pour enfants children's story
les coins de nappe table cloth
sa combinaison chauggante jumpsuit
un revolver gun
la gourmette braclet
du deploiement des forces alliees (accent ague over first and sixth e's) deployment of Allied forces
laisser to leave
s'eteint (accent ague over first e) turned off
un songe dream
s'evapore (accent ague over first e) evaporate
a brule sa vie (accent circumflex over u) lived life to it's fullest
la nostalgie de l'enfance nostolgic of his childhood
le reve (accent circumflex over first e) dream
"class primaire" elementary school
une enfance doree (accent ague over fourth e) golden childhood
d'immenses demeures bourgeooises to live in big houses
rois king
cours a l'imagination (accent grave over first a) loved to imagine
un eleve distrait (accent ague over first e, accent grave over second e) a distracted student
fantaisiste daydream
un prix de redaction (accent ague over second e) an award
essai essay
ses souvenirs memories
au petit "Antoint" qui sommeille en lui his past self
l'aviation aviation
son bapteme de l'air (accent circumflex over first e) first time up in a plane
c'est delicieux d'atternir (accent ague over second e) it's delicious to land
solitude solitude
denuement (accent ague over first e) relaxing
les plus belles qu'il ait vecues (accent ague over third e) most beautiful of his life
manteau coat
le silence silence
reflexion sur les sens de la vie (accent ague over first e) reflextions on the meaning of life)
reveries (accent circumflex over first e) daydreams
livrer to deliver
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