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Chap 6 Mrs. Morris

section 1

Militia civilian serving as soldiers
Casualties killed, injured, or captured soldiers
Metacomet opposed the solonists' efforts to take his people'z land
Albany Plan of Union called for all the colonies except for Georgia to unite
Edward Braddock commander of British forces in America
Treaty of Paris 1763 ended war between Britain and France
Fort Duquesne french fort along Ohio River
Fort Necessity built by George Washington and soldiers
James Wolfe britsh general who captured Quebec
Backcountry a thinly populated frontier area between the coastal settlement and apps
Pioneers people who first settle in an area
Pontiac's Rebellion beginning 1763 when American Indians attacked Britsh forts on frontier.
King George II issued the Proclamation of 1763
Proclamation of 1763 banned the British from settling west of the Apps
Boycott people refuse to buy certain goods
Repeal to ablolish
Created by: JaCoby Guidry