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ch.25 test

name three factory conditions. dark, dangerous machines, and polution.
concequenses of the agrucultural Rev. -more food is produced -englands polution increased -this ment there was more ppl to work in factories
raw materials water, cole, and iron.
political stability : unlike most of europe england was politicaly stable- no wars & no revolution -englands government passed faveorable laws for business.
old money wealthy ppl who's family has had money for decades/ centries.
new money wealth came from industry and factories
urbanizatoin the growth of cities ( size and population)
luddites unskilled labors who broke machines in factories because tese machines were taking their jobs
corporation a business owned by stockholders who share in its profits but are not personally responsible for its debts
industrialization spreads natural reasourses/ enough workers germany copied british modles developed railroads
world wide impact of industrialization parts of the world that had industry became stronger than countries without industry ex. europe V.S africa ans aisa
society transforms middle class grew and had more wealth/power.
malthus wrote an essay on the princapal of the population.
Created by: nhllz1598