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Chapter 9

The Jacksonian Era

Elected president in 1824 because of a corrupt bargain John Q. Adams
Helped JQA win the election of 1824; possibly part of a corrupt bargain Henry Clay
More than any other president, he represented the common man Andrew Jackson
In 1824, who had to choose the president? the House of Representatives
In 1824, how many candidates ran for president? 4
Who was invited to Jackson's inaugural party? All his supporters
Suffrage The right to vote
Caucus a meeting of party leaders to choose their party's candidate
Convention a meeting of party members to choose their party's candidate
Spoils system Reward the friends of the winning candidate with government jobs
Jackson's wife Rachel
Woman who caused the resignation of all of JAckson's cabinet Peggy Eaton
Andrew Jackson's Secretary of State, and later, Vice President Martin Van Buren
A state declaring a law unconstitional nullification
What state refused to pay the tarriff in 1830? South Carolina
Jackson's home state Tennessee
Indians who followed the "Trail of Tears" Cherokee
Where did the Trail of Tears begin? Georgia
Where did the Trail of Tears end? Indian Territory/Oklahoma
Leader of a slave rebellion in the 1830s Nat TUrner
Andrew Jackson's attitude towards the National Bank He hated it
Type of money that Andrew Jackson did not like Paper money/ Bank notes
Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun were the founders of this political party Whigs
Van Buren and Jackson's party Democrats
Who was Tippecanoe? William Henry Harrison
Popular symbol in the election of 1840 Log Cabin
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