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Ch 6

sec 1

Eli Whitney Inventor demonstrated the first musket; Made musket old fashion way.
Interchangeable parts Parts that are exactly alike
Mass production Production of goods in large quantities..
Industrial Revolution Social and economic reorganized that took place as machines replaced hand tools and large factory production developed.
Cotton gin Eli invented it; Short fiber cotton was easier to grow but harder to clean; Was a break through;
Henry Clay House speaker
American system Unite economic issues;
National Road A federally funded road begun in 1811 and by 1838 extending from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illnois.
Erie Canal 363 mile long artificial waterway connecting the Hudson river with Lake Erie built between 1817 and 1825
Mculloch vs maryland An 1819 case in which the supreme court ruled that Maryland had no right to tax the Bank of America , thereby strenghting the power of the federal gov control over economy.
John Quincy Adams Establish foreign policy
Nationalism The belief that national interests should be placed ahead of regional concerns or the interests of other countries.
Adams-Onis Treaty Gave up claim to Oregon territory
Monroe Doctrine A policy of US opposition to any European interference in the affairs of the Western hemisphere
Missouri Compromise A series of agreements passed by congress in 1820-1821 to maintain the balance of power between slave states and free states
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