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Civics 25 and 28-32

RCHS Civics chapters 25 and 28-32

What is the authority to hear cases and make decisions called? Jurisdiction
What is the bringing of a court case from a lower court to a higher court (in order to attempt to have the lower court's decision reversed) called? An Appeal
What is the term for a party in a lawsuit? Litigant
What is the document called that the Supreme Court issues if it is going to hear a case? Writ of Certiori
What is a decision called that has profound effects of rights called? A Landmark Decision
What is a formal opinion on a point of law given by a judge or court called? An Advisory Opinion
Does the Supreme Court issue Advisory Opinions? NO
What are 5 checks on the power of the Supreme Court? Self-imposed limits, Presidential Appointments, Executive Enforcement, Congressional Powers, and Federalism
What is an official, state-sponsored religion called? An Established Church
How many European countries had Established Churches? "Almost All"
What is the basic principle that no single religion be favored by the govn't over other religions? Separation of Church and State
What is the clause (in the Constitution) called that prohibits Congress from establishing a religion called? Establishment Clause
What is the clause called that allows a person to practice one's religion? Free Exercise Clause
Is the Free Exercise Clause absolute? NO
What does the Govn't have to have in order to limit an individual's free exercise of religion? Compelling state interest
Who was tossed out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony for practicing the 'wrong' religion? Roger Williams
What are published words or pictures that falsely and maliciously defame a person called? Libel
What is written language that seeks to convince others to engage in the overthrow of a government called? Seditious Libel
Can govn't limit expression? Yes, under some conditions
What are the rules for govn't limiting expression? 1. can't discriminate based on the content of the expression 2. time, place, and manner restrictons bus be applied fairly 3. regulations can't be vague 4. must be the 'least restrictive means'
When has free speech been repressed in the US? Alien and Sedition Acts (1790's), Civil War, McCarthy era
What landmark decision made the govn't more tolerant of inflammatory speech? Brandenburg v Ohio (1969)
What is the right called to be free to meet with others for political or other legal purposes? Right to Associate
What is the right to meet with others to discuss and express your beliefs, ideas, or feelings Right to Assemble
What is a rule that limits open discussion or debate on an issue? Gag Rule
Is the right to assemble absolute? NO (govn't must have a legitimate govn't interest such as preventing riots, and must also be non-discriminatory)
What are geographical places in a community that people can express and exchange their views? A Public Forum
what is the legal claims that allows citizens to urge their govn't to correct wrongs and injustices? Right to petition
What is a document given to a police officer that gives permission to intrude into another person's privacy? A Warrant
What is intrusion into another's privacy called? Search
What is interfering with another's property or freedom of movement called? Seizure
What is a search warrant called that does not describe in detail the places to be searched or the things to be seized? A General Warrant (prohibited by 4th amendment)
What does an officer have to give a judge in order to get a warrant? An Affadavit
what is reasonable grounds for presuming that a crime has been committed called? Probable Cause
What is the prohibition against using illegally obtained evidence at trial ? the Exclusionary Rule
Are warrants always required? NO (school, specific facts, reasonably related)
What is another term for testifying against yourself ? Self-incrimination
What is the promise not to use someone's testimony as a witness to prosecute them called? Use Immunity
What are the 4 points to the Miranda rule? 1. Right to remain silent 2. Right to have an attorney while being questioned. 3. Anything they say can be used against them in court 4. If they can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed for them
what is an agreement to plead guilty to a lesser crime called? Plea Agreement
What is a formal statement of charges? An Indictment
What is a special panel of jurors who decide if the govn't has a strong enough case to go to trial? Grand Jury
What is the sum of money that a defendant has to deposit with the court to get out of jail? Bail
What is the right to have a lawyer present during questioning called? Right to counsel
What is trying a person for a crime twice called? Double Jeopardy
What is another term for the death penalty? Capital Punishment
Which Amendment? Freedom of speech I
Which Amendment? Petition govn't for redress of grievances I
Which Amendment? right to peaceably assemble I
Which Amendment? Free exercise of religion I
Which Amendment? Freedom of the press I
Which Amendment? unreasonable search and seizures IV
Which Amendment? No general warrants IV
Which Amendment? Probable cause IV
Which Amendment? Grand Jury V
Which Amendment? Double Jeopardy V
Which Amendment? Self incrimination V
Which Amendment? Due process of law V
Which Amendment? taking of private property without just compensation V
Which Amendment? Speedy and public trial VI
Which Amendment? Trial in state and district where crime occured VI
Which Amendment? right to confront witnesses VI
Which Amendment? right to know nature and cause of accusation VI
Which Amendment? Assistance of counsel VI
Which Amendment? Trail by jury VII
Which Amendment? Excessive bail VIII
Which Amendment?Excessive Fines VIII
Which Amendment? Cruel and Unusual Punishment VIII
Created by: JoeBounda
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